Does anyone here have any articles that they know of online that would be helpful in educating a naive 400m runner? Any type of articles on training, physiology, nutrition, strength training, anything. I just want to learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible so feed me what you got. Any and all will do. Thanks.

Do more gpp.

8 weeks isn’t enough? How much should I do before going to Pre-Comp?

Have you seen my body? I have gone from 195-165 from being a coach and computer geek…expore outside…then go on

First off, of course I haven’t seen your body.

Second, what does you losing weight have to do with the length of my GPP? Are you trying to say to go out and do field research?

Clemson brings up an interesting point…400Stud: How much of your daily time is actually spent training?

they’re messin wit ya!:slight_smile:

Guys chill youre gonana give the boy a heart attact!

Or a nervous breakdown!

I know they’re playin’ Quik. Hey Quik, e-mail me back so we can talk.

My point is that you need more GPP…I am the worlds wost athlete, but through hard work I have three state championship rings…but after becoming a surfing addict I now have no muscle, no women, and less field knowledge.