List Top 100m Races You've Seen

My favourite races of All-Time

1996 Atlanta 100m - Donovan wanted that race and just picked those guys off like they were nothing. And the look of shock on his face was classic.

1999 World Championship - I thought Bruny had it. It Shows what to do (stay relaxed like Maurice) and what not to do (Tensing up and not relaxed) In a World Championship race.

2000 Edmonton - Maurices grit and determination… And If Tim never had false started he would have been world champ!

Next race I would like to see is 8 guys all under 10 flat in a championship race

1991 WC- Carl 9.86

1996 OG- Donovan 9.84. If you ever need an example to show your athletes the importance of a good acceleration phase…

OL 1988 Ben Vs Carl
WC 1991 Carl Vs Everyone
WC 1987 Ben Vs Carl
Zurich 1988 Ben Vs Carl
OL 2000 MO

96 Olympics - Donovan - Cos I thought he’d blown it
96 Oly - Michael Johnson cos it made my jaw drop
88 Oly - Ben - cause it was like watching aliens land in ur back garden . ( and it’s still scruffy :smiley: )

After that any of Linfords great wins , Alan Wells / Valerie Borzov / Mo / Carl / Marion / Flo Jo - olympics .
and any time Frankie runs I watch - he’s got a fantastic style .
er I think that covered it :smiley:

88 bj vs cl

it was one of those moments that transends to everyone in Canada. the americans have “where were you when JFK was shot?” we have “where were you when-ben beat carl, joe carter hit the homer and 2002 salt lake city hockey final” all moments frozen in time.

My favourite championship, apart from '88 and '91 was the world champs in Stuttgart in '93. I thought Andre Cason looked absolutely sensational in all his rounds EXCEPT the final, where he missed the start badly.

Ben in Seoul - 9.79 and coasting over the line! I was working as a waiter in Whistler (big ski resort in B.C. Canada) and an American was yakking before the race and looking for bets against Carl. I am embarassed to say that I was too damn nervous to bet the guy (I´m a Canadian).

1978 Commonwealth 100 semis (Edmonton) - Don Quarrie and Hasley Crawford were a few lanes away from each other and the last 10 meters they were eyeing each other and pointing. After the semi (I was sitting in the athlete/coach area) Trinis and Jamaicans were betting on the final. Then about an hour later, Alan Wells won. Great entertainment.

Ben in Rome 87. Wow.

I’m with Carson. Ben in '88, Ben in '87. Ben coasting through the finish line, with the engine shut off, was about the most awesome things that I have ever seen.

96 was it for me. Before that I hadn’t really been into track that much. But after watching all the rounds and the final I was hooked on the 100. Donovan was simply amazing that night!

  1. Carl Lewis at Tokyo '91
  2. Mo at Sevilla '99
  3. Mo at Edmonton '01 (if he had a tore quad he could run in 9"75, head wind…)
  4. Bayley at Atlanta '96
  5. Mo at Sydney (9"87 with a poor reaction time, slow track e a cold weather…)
  6. Mo at Athens '99
  7. Mo at Athens '97
  8. Ben ad Seoul '88
  9. Ben at Rome '87
  10. Lewis at Zurich '88

Good Point

1996 - Donovan Bailey
1988 - Any race by Flojo
1997 - Marion Jones World Championships
2001 - World Championships Final
2000 - Mens Olympic Final
2000 - Womans olympic Final
1996 - Gail and Merlene
1993 - Gail at Worlds
2002 - Mens World Juniors 100
2002 - Sanya Richards at Adidas Outdoor Championships

Strangely enough I was watching this the other day. I know we’ve gone through the tensing up and the problem step, but, watching it again, I think that they were all symptoms of Bruny’s substantially weaker race model. Compared to Mo’s model, it was fragile and susceptible to these sort of problems.

For technical perfection you just can’t go past Mo. He actually had a slight misstep in his start in that race, but he just stuck to his model and delivered the goods.

Also Bruny’s head angle is always going to cause problems under stress.

1988 Seoul…It changed my life.

I just thought it was one mistake that lost it for him.

Clemson - 1988 changed your life.

Probably true for me. It is the first 100m olympic final I can remember.

Yes, one mistake. But did he make that mistake because his technique is susceptible to that mistake? Who knows :slight_smile:

Donavon Bailey 1996

Linford Christie 1993 and 1992

Dwain Chambers euro champs 2002

Theres more but i can’t be bother writing.

Ben v Carl 88"
Linford 93
Ben v Carl 87
Bailey 96
Linford 92
Linford “Zurich” grand prix 94(?) winning in the rain
by over 1 meter.

Ben in 87 grand prix race v Calvin Smith. Ben won in something like 10.00sec at the time or 9.97sec (see leval.) It was extrordinary at the time and the first time I really noticed or Knew about Ben Johnson.
I was blown away and it was classic track and field. :slight_smile:

I can remeber when franky Fredricks won the Golden league back in 1998 i was 12yearsold.

And when he came up against Donavon Bailey, Donavon got out on fredricks but fredricks came from behind to win bailey. In 9.99 or 9.98sec.

My opinion best 100m race by far was 1987 WC with both Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis having the same pb of 9.95. Great stadium and atmosphere and great result (9.83 WR).