Liquid Vitiman

Just wanted to say that Ms. Coon was right, liquid vitamin is a much better supplement to take. I can feel the absorption right away and I feel that it’s working compared to the capsule forum.

I paid 9 bucks for this brand:

Thanks Ms Coon for the tip:cool:

" I can feel the absorption right away"

How is that? Please explain how you can feel vitamin absorption?

^^ Well, I took it a few times in the morning during breakfast and could feel whatever was in it going to work. I felt more energized, not by a whole lot but it was noticeable. Especially the first couple times I took it before I worked out.

I also took it some days right before I went to bed (like ZMA) and I would sleep deeper and would know that it was causing my body to be more sexually aroused. ZMA would have the SAME effect on me.

Edit: I did take double the dose and there are other ingredients in the liquid other then vitamins so it is possible I’m feeling herbs more so the vitamins.