Liquid Amino acids instead of Protein-shakes

What do you think about it?
The advantage should be that your body can spent time, becuse the proteine drinks must be splittes into aminos.

Does athe Amino acids build the new muscle mass? I am not quite sure…

Does anybody know?

I use amino acids immediately after training and follow this up with a protein shake about 30min later. Although I hate to quote him, I think Berardi did some research on amino acid use instead of pure proteins.

Although I havn’t read it (just skimmed it) and can’t vouch for how good the content is the following article might be useful.


i am gonna read it

Berardi isn’t the only one. Mauro DiPasquale has advocated drinking BCAAs during workouts for quite some time. I believe Charlie also used liquid BCAAs with his athletes after the first 60-90 min. of the workout.