Links to Long Jump Info

Hi Guys and Gals

I’m looking for likks to sites that have good information on long and tripple jump.

I would appreciate it if anyone could post some

yeah i would like that too if anyone has any information???


I noticed from your information that your located in Ireland. Just so happen I’m organsing a Horizontal Jumps clinic this weekend (Sep 2nd/3rd) in Dublin with Boo Schexnayder.

Coach Boo is coach to current world indoor and outdoor triple jump champion Walter Davis and OG Silver Medallist in the long jump, John Moffitt.

Just message me if you would like further details…

All the best!!!


Yes, I saw your clinic advertisied but I have just moved to Toronto.

A pitty I was not in town for your seminar. I hope I get the chance again.

Enjoy Dublin

I found this site called with long jump articles. I has good stuff

More will be appreciated

Much of Boo’s work is very similar to Charlies protocols.
3+1, High CNS same day, etc.