I liked Lindford when I met him. I have not seen him for years.

I remember noting his high performance diet. Lots and lots of pastries and croissants
and any other quick simple carbs he could get his hands on.

He was funny and personable and good for him for all his achievements.

I watched that documentary , it appears that Linford isn’t that politically savvy. Also Seb Coe is a big snake.

Snake in the grass might be a fun way to think of it.

Stay tuned ya all on mr. Seb

I did not watch Linford but in person he is a good guy. Britain is a great place but it’s filled with hypocrites like Tom Crick… And so what can you expect?

Horse poop. You can expect, loads of off gas from the poop of the hypocrites.

Is he still using a good number of CF’s charts in his presentations and not giving any credit for it? My my!

Just like England Athletics, passing Charlie’s work under the table but when you are starting to have a conversation about CF is like you are having a chat about some taboo

Charlie used to say it best.

and the saying is perfect for most peeps around here from before…

What have you done for me lately?

And, if the free shit stops, guess what? … As my kids or the young peeps I coach might say… " they be gone" . LOL.

I am grateful for those whom have? or who stuck around.

Believe you me, there is lots more to take but it’s not as easy to take now that my focus is back. :).