light soccer skills practice after speed session?

I just finished a speed session about 2 hours ago and shortly thereafter took an ice bath for 20 minutes followed by a contrast shower, and then i did my postworkout stretching. My total volume of speedwork was about 600 meters. I still feel nice and energized, and i wanted to know if it would be detrimental to my speed work that i just completed if i were to go have a short soccer skills session about 2 hours following my speed session and postworkout stretching.

I know that you are never supposed to do speed training and tempo on the same day, but this soccer skills session would not be like tempo. There would also be no intense running involved, just semi-quick touches of the ball like inside-inside, inside-outside, juggling the ball, etc…just working on my touch and moving around with the ball inside a small space.

Soccer season is almost here and i need to work on my skills as much as possible, but i dont want to do this if it will mess up any of the speed training that i did earlier today. What do you think?

Thanks for any help.

Sure, why not!

You can do that skill work before speed session as part of the warm up (second part), as active rest between sets of sprinting (do a set of sprints i.e. 4x20m, followed by 2-3mins skill work, followed by 1-2mins passive rest), or you can do it afterwards, but before your restorative actions. I would cut speed volume to 300m totat. No need for more for team athlete.


You can do this too (complex training session), but respect the priorities and try to spread them as much as possible during the day or training session.

You can do anything you want AFTER a speed session. Just be careful about what you do before. As long as you’re fresh for the speed work you’re good.

I prefer to do skill work before tempo days or after speed work. Obviously this is gonna depend on the sport and the type of work though.

Thanks guys for the replies…i really appreciate it.

What do you think about doing heavy endurance work on the same day as a speed session? Im referring to something like a timed 2 mile run. I just a little worried about doing this kind of work b/c i remember reading on the forum a while back how doing endurance training on the same day as speed (even if it is AFTER a the speed work) would compromise the speed work. Maybe they meant that it would compromise the speed sessioin if i did the endurance work DIRECTLY following the speed session…but what if i did the endurance work on the same day but several hours later that day?

Thanks again for the replies Blinky and duxx…i will definitely start doing skill work on the same day as the speedwork…after all i dont have much time before the season and i have to get in as much practice as possible!

It will definetelly compromise speed work if done on same day, but if you spread them as much as posible you will reduce this negative effect. I don’t know how much this fear is based in team-sports.