Light-headedness in the evening folloving a nap.

On speed-days I get very tired and sleepy a couple of hours after a workout. I guess this is the delayed onset of cns-tiredness.
If I can stay awake I usually regain wakefulness after a couple of hours, but if I succumb to the sleepiness and take a short nap, usually no longer than an hour, I wake up all dizzy and get problems with concentration the rest of that day.
Could this have something to do with nutrition?
This is what I usually eat before and after a workout:
In the morning 4 slices of bread with cheese and some liver. Multivitamin.
About 3 hours later an egg and some easily digested fruit.
Immediately after practice I make myself some dinner, eating it some 20 to 30 minutes later.
The rest of the day I have various fruits. Sometimes a bit of chicken.
ZMA before bed.

I’m thinking maybe a post-workout-drink could help?
I’m wondering too if substituting some of the fruit with vegetables could help? I have a vague memory of me eating some carrots and feeling better afterwards. I really should eat more vegetables anyway.

mo’ protein

Do you think more protein alone would make me feel better?
I know I ought to get more protein regardless.

hmm sounds like u are lacking protein…

no idea if thats gonna stop ur dizziniess tho…
could well be u have low blood pressure, so when u get out of bed it makes u feel dizzy…

You could be overtraining, esp. with the dizziness and loss in concentration. There are many other possibilities though, including drops in blood sugar levels, lack of sleep, stress, medical problems e.g. low blood pressure… that said, I would probably go with the overtraining.