light headedness due to an embalance in glucose levels?

Durring meets and spritn work outs (95% efforts) I start to get incredably light headed and everything goes bright and I get migranes. Could this be a cause of poo gluclose levels?

My diet is fairly good plenty of fruits and vegis, chicken pork and fish and protien. minimal grains (only when needed).

Example of a Meet day

breakfast - 2 eggs 2 slice WW toast 1 orange 8 oz glass of water

then I bring crackers, gram crackers, melons, and citrus fruits to snack on.

any sugestions???

What is your breathing pattern when doing your workouts?

Do you get tingling in your extremities.

If you are breathing very fast and shallow you may be hyperventillating.

I’ve had similar experiences in the past. I found that after high intensity runs, I had a tendency to hyperventilate. I have since learned to control my breathing, and things have improved.

Anyone ever do breathing exercises? (eg. hold your breath for as long as possible or breathe out for as long as you can) I do these and enjoy them.

Sounds like blod sugar swings. You might try some nuts or a protein shake as part of a snack between meals. what is the spread between breakfast and the race?

I do them regularly and enjoy them as well. You can release so much stress just by doing that!