Lift before or after SOCCER practices.

What is the best? I have heard that you can find yourself “flying” around the field because the CNS is fired, when you lift before. I do low volume. 3 sets, 2 reps maintaining sessions. squat, bench, + a couple of other exercises.


VG as your a soccor player its highly debatable.track athletes do weights after track as you know but soccor is a different ball-game.expierence would lead me to believe that weights after training would be better but i can’t see any major problems with doing low intensity weights before practice.once its low intensity its fine but if your moving heavy loads i would leavr it till after pratice.all you can do is experiment yourself and see how you feel,be the judge yourself…

put it this way.which is more important-

1-soccor training
2-weight training…i would say #1 is first so do practice first and refine your skills to make you a better player

Thanks. I want to do what is best. So if there is maybe a negative thing with lifting before, I will not do that. If there are only positive things with lifting after, I will do that.


Im going to bed now… and I hope I see a lot of posts here when I wake up tomorrow. :slight_smile:
Soccer practice tomorrow too, so I want to know what I should do :cool:

Always take care of your priorities first. Since you are a soccer player and not a weight lifter, do the weights after practice.

I agree that the soccer has to come first. However if, for example, your practices or games come in afternoon or evenings and you have time to do the lifting in the morning or a number of hours before the soccer I would think it would be best to lift first but generally speaking I agree that the sport is most important and the lifting is there to support the soccer and not the other way around.

I agree with all the above.

Lift after.

Use physical and mental energy first to concetrate on soccer and especially the skills element of the game.

There are also reduced injury opportunites also by lifting afterwards.

Note: Develop a good pre-, mid- and post-nutrition program to optimise performance.

Skills will not develop to any great degree while one is too tired to concentrate post lifting.
Decreased concentration as a result of tiredness would be a major ingrediant towards injury.

Definitely after , no ifs or buts!:devil:

it depends what point of the training year you are in. In pre-season all round fitness is at the utmost importance.

We were always told that Fitness i.e. speed, strength, flexibility, stamina etc… represents 98% and skill 2%! But in-season skill refinement should be your main concern, especially because matches keep you in peak condition.