Lift before or after RUGBY / FOOTBALL Practice

Currently we do weights in the morning, light intensity, then at night we train rugby, would you say rather at the same time? what would the argument be regarding VG`s soccer post? ie, rugby is a different game to soccer?
Thans for the topic idea VG!

lebeau which is more important to YOU

1-praticing rugby
2-lifting weights

as i said to VG,put your major first as in your case will make far more advances praticing your skills on the ifeld than in the weight room.sprinters sprint frist then lift,same idea but still the major first

i agree that the best way to becoming a great rugby player is to practice rugby, but you do come to a point where weights & practice go hand in hand, what would you suggest then?

you have alot of different choices lebeau you can choose from.first of all how many days per week can you train for the sport and how much do you want to improve by?

1-if time is favourable you can practice ball work in the am and do weights in the pm.

2-ballwork then weights straight after.

3-you can do split days,ie-monday practice,tuesday weights(total/split routines as in upper tuesday+lower on the next lifting day)

as you can see there are a different outlook on how to approach the problem.i know alot of pro soccor players and they basically do mon-practice,tuesday-weights and so on,its works for them maybe not for you but there are different ways to train like that

i can train seven days a week, at the moment i train suday to friday, sat off, then all over again, at the moment i`m doing the 3rd option you mentioned, i just feel that i might be missing the optimal workout for my body, its hard to do the weights after rugby because we train at night, and my gym closes about the time i finish rugby, are there any arguments NOT to do weights before rugby? would you compare soccer training to rugby?

If you had the option, I would do the alactic work before your rugby training session.

Aside from your skills/mental concentration for practicing patterns (which should not be affected too much by your speed/weights work beforehand) your team sessions will probably consist mostly of aerobic work. I would always do aerobic work after speed/weights, since fatigue from aerobic work will affect your speed/weights training while the reverse is not true.

IMO the key question here is what stage of the season is it - GPP, Pre, Close, playoff etc.

I would try encourage the split routines X mentions during the off season, where volume is not a constraint.
Here you can train twice a day, maximise training time at a lower intensity.

BUT during the season the key aim here is to maximise performance.

This cannot be over emphasised.

My advice is - if you need to lift during the season then lift once a week - (twice a week max.) and lift after practice AND increase your REST.
Your should not aim to develop strength - just maintain.

During the season - REST is key to maximise playing performance.

By training every day and splitting weight training up into mulitple sessions the freshness and alertness needed to play these games is lost.