Lewis - Interview

6.30 BBC 2. Anyone see it? Some nice race footage.

THought I could slip that through the net! Sorry.

Was this the interview he did for the Los Angeles Times? Cuz there was an interview with him in the LA Times today concerning his four gold medals from the 84 Olympics.

good interview,100% true bout what he stated bout the meet fees.he knew his demand and made the promotors pay to get him,good business.i’ll say no more

Is there some kind of link?

Damn it … missed it.

I think the runners of today owe Carl Lewis a great deal. He paved the way for runners to receive their true market share. Unfortunately, I think he’s pretty well ostracized int he sprint community these days. I’m only going by what I read, so I could be wrong.


Figures, he has to take a cheap shot at Johnson.

Aye - I’ve never taken to him as a personality - but as an athlete - truly one of the greats.

“I didn’t think he would end up running that fast or indeed that he actually had the talent to run that fast,” he says.

That’s a low blow. He makes it sound like all the success Ben had had nothing to do with his extraordinary genetics, years of hard work and the world-class coaching he had. As if anyone has ever run under 10 seconds on talent alone.

Has anyone been able to find a link to the full interview? I’d be interested in reading it.

Thanks for the link David W. Ironhead66, I 2nd that.

Did I miss something along the way???
I never thought Ben failed any test until Soul. In reading “Speed Trap” I an honestly say I was surprised he took that little of drugs as the press made it sound like he was a science experiment.
As for failing a test & nothing being done about it… Carl, that’s the US Track assoc… it has come to light, as we all know, that many times US track athletes had failed tests & allowed to continue (hey Carl, weren’t you one of them??). Supposedly some failed in the Olympic trials in '88 & still went on to win medals.
In Canada we hang you out to dry (or is that public floggings?!), spend $14 MILLION DOLLARS on an inquiry that never,IMO, did a damn thing but keep that $14 million from maybe getting to the athletes that need it.
Carl Lewis was without a doubt a great sprinter/jumper but unfortunately his mouth came attached to that body. I still remember him crossing the line of an Olympic 100m & saying that now he’ll be a millionaire… dumbass. He may have spoken his mind but I never wanted to watch him again.
So many times comparing him to Jesse Owens… maybe on the track but from everything I have read about Owens… Carl didn’t come close off of the track.
My Dad (a champion athlete in his day) taught me that a true champion conducts himself as such on & off the field… maybe a little outdated & nieve in today’s chest thumping, "greatest of all time"crap times but sometimes I wish we were a little more like that again & maybe a little more nieve.

djp,i agree with your statement totally but nowadys sprinters all very arrogant MF’ers.BJ did his talking on the track but at the same time he couldn’t conduct his speech to have a verbal arguement,catch what i’m saying so in turn he keep his mouth shut and did it on track.on the other hand nowadys you have greene who tattoed GOAT on his shoulder,he is loud arrogant but do we run him down.NO no! i have had the privilage to meet mr.carl lewis off the track and he is a very helpful decent human with beliefs and may we say some disbeliefs.his outlook on track was to be the best and become a multi-millionare in which he did.i agree he should keep his thoughts under wrap at times but CL normally always gets ahead of himself in front of the camera

Agreed X Man, but I guess I am of the belief (&, hey, everyone is entitled to their own & different opinion) that if you shoot your mouth off, especially when you are on the top of the heap, it brings out the part of human nature that loves to slap us when we are down. People love to ask you, when you are crumpled on the ground or spiralling around the toilet waiting for the final descent “Hey, aren’t you the one who said you were the best… what happened??”. I guess maybe I feel my races can speak for themselves & if I keep some decorum, some kindness will be shown my way when I need it. (yes, I am putting a lot of faith in human beings then, but you have to have faith in something, sometime.)

My all time favorite picture of Carl Lewis

LOL, nice post!


A Classic though …

All I read was …
“My all time favorite picture of Carl Lewis” and then I clicked on the link … cheeky.

whatever don’t find that funny at all

Come on man -

I was - like you I’m sure - expecting a great photo of some of Carls great many acheivements … and bang!! - it’s actually of Ben …