Leroy Burrel WR 100m - 9.85s

Leroy Burrel’s WR 100m run of 9.85s
Ordinary start from him, but solid 2nd half of the race…

This WR doesnt seem to be mentioned as much as Carl’s 9.86s & Bailey’s 9.84s. Sort of stuck in the middle there, but still a great run



Another great video-clip from Los. Thank you!

A very Santa-Monica Track Club’sk celebration from Burrell…

los thanks for the clip,brings back great memories for me.notice leroys smooth acceleration and his lewis surge at 60m onwards.the funny thing about this race was that leroy performed this straight after flying trans atlantic,wow! he may not have had much jetlag but he certainly wasn’t exactly fresh after the flight.this is what tom tellez preaches,smooth acceleration-reach top around 60m-maintain and take it home.also notice the lift he is getting off the track from start to finish

Nice second half of the race. I like how the video included his reaction after. A nice touch

notice how the acceleration pattern and structure of the race reminds you of a typical carl lewis performance.the only difference between leroy and carl was that carl could reproduce this sort of race over and over.after that year leroy never really advanced which was a pity,but thats track

Any chance los could bring back some of these great videos???

what are you after?
i have to set up some web space again if u want it

Well, for starters, Burrell’s 9.85!!

What else ya got?:slight_smile:

Please, if you can put that video back up.

trying to organise some webspace for it

You da man.

lets us know when its back up :smiley:

cool, let us know.

i wanna see it too :smiley: