LeMaitre over Gatlin in Morocco


09 JUN 2013 Wind +2.9





Details 1 Christophe Lemaitre FRAFRA 9.98

Details 2 Justin Gatlin USAUSA 10.02

Details 3 Kim Collins SKNSKN 10.10

Details 4 Aziz Ouhadi MARMAR 10.19

Details 5 Kemar Hyman CAYCAY 10.22

Details 6 Andrew Hinds BARBAR 10.26

Details 7 Ogho-Oghene Egwero NGRNGR 10.29

Details 8 Abdelghani Zghali MARMAR 10.60

I love watching old man Kim. Boy does he get out that hole.
Jgat was only worried about Kim, he didn’t see Chris…until he passed him

Yeah, his start and acceleration are ridiculous. At this point he has to be considered the greatest starter of all time or at least in a tie with Ben.

Dont forget drummond, asafa, and leonord scott

With this wind Gatlin should have run 9.80. I wonder if he did a taper to peak for the race against Bolt.

LaMaitre gives me hope…

Just showed my son aged 12. Told him to watch the guy in the Red suit, as he had just Beat Usain (sons eyes pop out upon hearing this)
Then out of nowhere - from Last, some white guy in a black suit wins??
How can this be real??

His lesson - as he tells me = (don’t matter if you’re black or white, fast is fast)

Or tall, skinny, short, or swole

Collins is starting faster at 37 compared to when he was 27.