Once again I’m a bit ashamed, but I have 2 long jumpers who have jumped over 20, which is pretty good for our level.
The extent of their coaching is “take a longer approach, run fast, hit the board with confidence and jump as high and far as possible.”
We talk alittle about popping the chest up. My main question is what I should tell them to do with their legs in the air. Right now they pretty much hang in the air before they land on them. What should the air technique be?

The hitchkick is the most “scientifically promoted” technique because it is the only technique that can counteract forward rotation.
“The hang” just slows forward rotation however it is easier to perform. If they are comfortable with the hang, I probably wouldn’t change them. Many of the good jumpers in the US today use the hang technique.

Remember, the only thing that “in air” technique will do is help them get a good landing position.

Thanks for your reply. That makes me feel better.