legs still sore... can i do my speed/endurance session?

i had a lower body weights session two days ago, and my hams and glutes are still sore… Today is my scheduled speed endurance day, where i do 400 100 and 200 m sprints, so i was wondering if it would be ok to go ahead and do it even with my sore legs…

What would you achieve by that?
Stick to tempo for now and next time be more careful about your weights workout and your recovery.
Hope it helps!

I agree with Nik, if your weights are planned correctly you shouldn’t get sore. No point in running when sore because you are just driving your body more into disrepair. Do some easier weights (hi ish volume and lower intensity - only objective is working through rom to aid recovery) + tempo to recover and then go back to the fast stuff.

I agree with this and I should heed this advice more often myself. The speed sessions need to be done on fresh legs to ensure a more quality workout session. Believe you me, there is a difference and I’ve learned my lesson on this. If I’m not recovered enough to do speed–but decide to go through with it anyway–it ends up being a piss-poor effort with not much gained.

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thanks for the replies guys, but i’m going for speed endurance so max velocity isn’t as important for me today… do u still think i should just do some tempo??

A speed endurance run at 95% is pretty damn fast so i would say yes. Basically if you are stiff your body won’t get better from the run because it will be busy fixing the damage that made it sore in the first place.