Legs feel weak after running?

Anyone have any insight on this? After I finished my last race (100 then 200) my legs felt weak like I could not support myself. Never happened last season? Doesn’t happen in speed work or training just after races? Thanks in advance.

How much are you warming up? Is it different for meets than in training?

Training warm up is around 1/3 the time it takes to do the race warm up. Training warm up is 20minutes. So yes its different. Kind of feels like after the race my legs dont want to support me (despite pbing). Thanks for reply!!

perhaps the comment in brackets is the key. Was that only after the 200?

Yea after the 2. Ah dont really care cause the running is fine but I’m feeling like bambi immediately after the race, hopefully it sorts itself out.

Why are they different?

A: I’d like to see the same warm-up for both practice and meet.
B: Sounds from the PBs like you’re developing the capacity to put it all out there.

Thanks for reply.

400m jog
Skip forward 20m
Skip backwards 20m
butt kicks 25m
side skips (powerful) 20m
static stretching 5 mins
Dynamic stretching 5mins
60m stride out (flats)
accels 20m-30m (spikes)

400m jog
Skip forward 25m
Skip backwards 25m
butt kicks 25m
side skips (powerful) 50m
Dynamic stretching 10mins
60m stride 70%
60m stride 80%
Drill 1 - 20m
Drill 2- 20m
Accels 25m-25m-30m-40m
Block starts 10m-10m-15m-30m
High knees
Last minute dynamic streching

By point B do you mean capacity for speed/speed end is still improving? It was my second real 200m race of the season (5th 200m ever). So I can assume this is good :smiley: ?

Thanks for the reply. Good question, I dont know. Maybe just more laid back in training. Sometimes I dont have time to warm up for an hour before training?

You’re right about point B. Besides, if that’s what it takes to get PBs, you should feel that way all the time!

Alright cool thats good news thanks for the insight charlie.