Legs coming up and out to the side, problem?

Basically my knees come up, and as they’re coming up, they go out to the side. So coming up partially diagonally.

How much of a problem is this? and how could it be fixed.

Post vid… Could be mobility issues, try KB 7 day cure because it worked great for me!!

Can’t really get a clear video of this, but what’s the KB 7 day cure?

i think i know what you’re talking about, and i also believe the issue is mobility related. as not enough hip flexion is generated for adequate foot clearance, there is excessive heel lift (back mechanics) accompanied by external rotation of the thigh. maybe get a therapist/physio/coach to perform a ‘thomas test’ and see whether there is an issue with tightness in rectus femoris or psoas major. also keep stretching out your adductors and external rotators of the hip as these muscles will be overworked in the event of tightness of the hip flexors. charlie has a few drills that can help with mobility issues such as the hurdle walkover drills - check them out (on gpp essentials vid) if you’re not already doing them.
my 2 cents

It could be something as simple as a imbalance between the Glute Med and Adductors - very simple to fix!!

However, I know of someone who runs like this, and they have very bowed legs… is this something you yourself suffer with??


sorry, what do you mean by bowed?

and in general, would something like this cost me speed realistically?

Bowed - the distance between the knee and ankle ‘shorten’… think this is a genetic thing. But as far as i’m concerned, the shorter this distance is, the less length you are creating in each stride; also, you are not as tall as you would be normally, therefore, decreased speed.

This is based on my readings, and may not be true, but an athlete I have consulted in the gym has this and we built his glutes (specifically glute med) up and it made a larger difference for him. Maybe worth a look at?

Hope this provides an insight

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bow_legs -> what bow legs are. i am very bow legged and dont seem to have any issues from it besides foot plant, which was significantly improved by overall hip strengthening