LEGAL CNS Stimulant?

This actually doesn’t have so much to do with training as it does with everyday life. Lately I have been so lethargic and tired with an overall feeling of exhaustion just moving from day to day. Caffeine (coffee) doesn’t seem to do much at all for me, guess I just don’t react to it much.

Is there anything else out there that might sort of give me a nice “jolt” to get my day going? has a product called “GO” I know the marines use it for training. I have heard real good things about it.

You would be better off tackling the underlying reason for this exaustion rather than pumping your body full of stimulants to counteract it. These will only provide temporary results, causing increased fatigue further down the line. Maybe not the answer you were looking for, but, in the long run, you’ll be much healthier for it.

Justy has good points and too much enhancement will create problems…

Mitochondria has been working on Project Phoenix and the samples have been a hit with athletes. I think the combo with Charlie’s protocols on during workout nutrition will remove “bad” fatigue caused by poor choices of during workout nutrition and allow natural fatigue to be removed by using a regeneration supplement such as DREAM PURE…it is up to ryan at xcell to make it taste sweet!

I consider the cns products safe it the coach and athlete can agree on the natural start mood and the enhanced mood. If they come so tired they look like crap why pump them full of chemicals…if they come it looking good why not add in some special sauce? Go with the flow and help paddle with supplements not sail against the wind.

How about using them only on a week before a recovery week?

Would you use them anything but a mature/ elite athlete?

Knowing how younger athletes think once they feel that surge they’ll want to use them all the time no especially when they feel tired.

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Sleep is great…but let’s look at the thread a bit…I think coaches should work hand and hand with the athlete on when to take such preworkout formulas.

Sounds like you need some extra sleep!

Good points guy.
You can try tyrosine and others but remember they are only short term options.

  • For every action (including dietary) there is an equal and opposite recation.

This is the same for coffee and other stim.s - even the most basic.

I wouldn’t consider them in anything but very small doses for much more than 5 days max and supervised.
If you need or feel the need for such supp.s on a longer or more regular scale you’re doing something wrong…

The answer to a problem may be in a diet but not always in supplements!

If worn down you want to avoid anything that further stimulates direct production or depletion of catecholamines, hormones etc. and instead get more out of what you’re already producing and let your body replenish itself. Caffeine is just shooting yourself in the foot and long term will negatively affect metabolism. Licorice, vitamin C, tyrosine, fish oil, DL-Phenylanine, are a few I like.

licorice- extends the 1/2 life of cortisol (not necessarily a bad thing if you’re depleted)

Vitamin C- good for adrenal health

Tyrosine- precursor to dopamine and nor-epinephrine

fish oil - good for adrenal health, brain health, mental energy + about 1,000,000 other magical things related to overall health and energy production.

DL- Phenylalanine- Precursor to phenylethylamine (the body’s natural amphetamine) and has the ability to greatly increase the action of our endorphins (the body’s natural morphine).

BTW, to the original poster. It certainly sounds like you’ve worn down your adrenals so any artificial stimulation will likely just make this worse.

Excuse my question… but how does caffeine have a bad effect on metabolism??? I drink coffee & would like to know if I am doing something really wrong… if it’s only a little wrong I can pour another cup.
(could all those supermodels have been wrong all these years??.. I’m kidding).

It “artificially” increases things like Camp, nor-epinephrine, and antagonizes adenosine. One of the ways the body adapts to artificial stimulation is by lowering it’s baseline output of whatever is being stimulated. So, long story short, if you drink excessive caffeine your baseline metabolism, absent stimulation, will be compromised.

I ran some simple tests a few years ago on a number of hardcore coffee drinkers, including myself (at one point I was up to 1.5 pots a day) :smiley: Baseline morning body temperature is a pretty good indicator of metabolism. High dose caffeine intake in the absence of weight loss still consistently led to a lowered body temp. that improved once caffeine intake was lowered.

I’d say 200-400 mg per day, especially prior to a workout, - is ok but once you get to the point where you’re drinking 200 mg every hour this is definitely excessive. :eek:

Shit 200-400 mg? I’m jumping out of my skin after like 50.

One guy I know was trying to drop a lot of fat really fast. So 7 times a day he would drink a protein drink with some fiber along with a 200 mg caffeine pill :eek: That’s definitely excessive!