Learning to come outa the blocks

So today was my first day coming out of the blocks! (as you can tell when i stumble in my first attempt:D)

PS: dont watch the whole vids, its just the start and the rest is the video running down

1st attempt from the blocks


and 4th…just nevermind the 3rd :wink:

so basically, im just getting a feel for it, not worrying about anything but clearing my hand at the start. Which is all I will think about at my first race next week.

Can you repost the third one in slow-motion? Hard to tell with the video quality at real time.

I think you should stay off the hills and grass and do some real speed work. Falling starts for maybe 15-20 meters to get used to the forces of coming out of the block at a good angle. You basically stand with your feet shoulder width apart whatever your preference is, then either rock back and forth or just go down untill you almost fall on your face. Right before you fall on your face you accelerate out of that position (the hole) as fast as you can. I am a big fan of these. And dont get it confused with the ladder drill. Let your feet/stride fall wherever they feel natural. It will take a lot of force to keep from falling on your face. Once you do them for a while though, you will almost never feel like you will fall down. It looked as though you were having trouble keeping the proper angles in the tape.

All these experts on here but I don’t see too much talk here about falling starts here. Go up to someone like curtis frye, david bobb, or andre cason they will tell you. In my opinion they might be one of the best drills you can do for improving your start, if not the best drill without doing starts themselves.

To evaluate your start.

You need to get more extension out of the blocks. I paused it a couple of times and it does not look like your getting good arm drive or extension. Your chopping your strides. Think extension with every step. Also you might consider moving your back leg back a notch. It looks as though front and back legs are too close together. Could you tell us the settings you have? A slow motion replay would be nice also we could see whats going on better. Keep working at it. Good luck in your meet!

Thanks for the reply, it only looks choppy b/c of the low frames per second on my camera…lol, just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: .

Ive done a lot of the falling start drills, push-up drills, medball starts, etc (mainly b/c three of the experts on here proscribe it), but I have lots to learn out of the blocks, which is a good thing:D Right now, im just thinking about clearing my hand out front.

I havent had to chance to d/l a program to edit the vids in slow motion, but Ill see what I can do. For now, here is one more and a snapshot/

Outa the blocks (still learning)

i clicked this thread thinking it was “learning how to come out of the closet” shows where my mind is at.

Outa the blocks ( with slow mo )

Here is some block work from my workout yesterday. Check it:

normal and slow motion

Theres two different sprints, and also some power clean stuff at the end.

Very good video on starts! John gives practical advice along with JD & Ato.


Yeah, those are very motivational vids, ive seen a couple before. Thanks

I actually like John’s advice about putting the whole foot on the block. Sometimes my front foot is barely touching the pad! My back foot too! I noticed a difference though when the whole foot on the pad. I try to wind myself into the block and in doing this I sometimes dont realize my foot isnt really concrete on the pad.