lb5603's training journal

I’m starting this so that Gray and I can keep each other on task…mostly so he can keep me on task. Anyway, If anyone wants to give advice it is more than welcome.

I am 6’ 220lbs and have been away from football for two years now and I can’t take it anymore. (I destroyed my ankle in high school and went from kinda fast to really slow overnight) Getting back to form will require some intense training and discipline, but here’s the plan.

four cycles lasting from now until next season

cycle 1-11 weeks

  • develope a foundation and technique
    cycle 2-9 weeks
  • develope strength and conditioning during spring ball
    cycle 3-10 weeks
  • Increase focus on specific strength and develope speed strength
    cycle 4-10 weeks
  • More intensely focused on speed and position strengths

why can’t you reply?