Lawrence Okoye

Lawrence Okoye, DE (6-foot-5 3/8, 304 pounds) — An Olympic discus thrower, Okoye reportedly turned down an offer to attend Oxford University to try out for the NFL. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.88 and 4.78 seconds. He performed the short shuttle in 4.38 seconds, had a 10-foot-5 broad jump and a 35-inch vertical jump. His arms were measured to be 35 inches long.

It looked like from the group that worked out Sunday, about half will be given the opportunity to sign with a team as a free agent and attend training camp. Okoye looked like he could be drafted. He was unbelievably active and incredibly explosive in drills. It was a real, first-class show.

Pro Day:
36in vj
225: 30 reps
10’7: bj
10yd: 1.67
20yd: 2.75


Gonna get his ass deported

Do we really need to share this kind of stuff? Doesn’t this young man have enough on his plate? Why do we need to make it worse for people who are already struggling?

Are you serious. Struggling with what? Is he your family member?

Does he need to be my family member for me to guess that something isn’t going well for him?

RB, I’ve lived my life watching others capitalize on crap that is not true and this site is not about football players that have lost their way.

Let’s raise people up. Not contribute to stomping on their heads when pack dogs of the media need to pay their mortgages.

And what about his wife? Clearly both of them smart people, likely fell in love and WOW… their life is not perfect and we need to watch and feel good about this? YUCK x 1 million.

I see pain and heartache from what appears to be a very seriously talented person.

I don’t need to read this on MY WEBSITE which I offer to benefit anyone who is interested in learning cool content.

I’ve had my share of controversy and lots of controversy yet to be resolved. This content is FABULOUS and untarnished with advertising. Take or leave it but let’s not pollute it with these stories. You want to comment on it great. Let’s here something thoughtful and interesting like how fast he was in 2013 when the post started.

Well, I hope you are joking… This “clown” has a wonderful wife and family at home and his dumb ass want’s to deal with hookers… I can’t feel sorry for people like him - do what’s right!!! Yes, he lost his way by getting caught doing something illegal. If this site gonna support illegal activities then fine - I will never scoop that low to be apart of anything.

Let’s celebrate this post. This is the guy he is.
Hopefully, he will make a change for himself and his life.
Lets have hope.

More good guys in our society.