LAUSANNE: WR Liu Xiang 110H

NEWS FLASH - Liu Xiang 12.88 World 110m Hurdles record stunner
Tuesday 11 July 2006
Lausanne, Switzerland - China’s Olympic champion Liu Xiang broke the men’s 110m Hurdles World record with a time of 12.88 seconds* (wind +1.1 m/s) at tonight’s ‘Athletissima’, a Super Grand Prix meeting, which is part of the IAAF World Athletics Tour.

“I never thought I could break the World record. I’m feeling very tired, very happy and very excited,” said Liu Xiang. “Switzerland is my lucky place. I love Switzerland and Lausanne and the fans here,” the 22-year-old added. "I had already broken the World junior record in 2002 in Lausanne (13.12).

Liu Xiang celebrates while sitting on his World record clock in Lausanne
(AFP / Getty Images)

Tonight “I started well running. But it was after the fifth hurdle when I speeded up,” confirmed the 2005 World Championship silver medallist who will celebrate his 23rd birthday on Thursday (13 July).

Liu Xiang was the joint holder of the previous best of 12.91, which he equalled when winning the Olympic title on 27 August 2004 in Athens, Greece. The original 12.91 record had been set in Stuttgart, Germany, by Britain’s Colin Jackson who established that mark when winning the World Championship gold on 20 August 1993.

In second place tonight in Lausanne was Dominique Arnold of USA who led for most of the race, and finished in 12.90 seconds, which of course is also under the old record.


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NB. a full meeting report from our correspondent in Lausanne will follow later. The meeting is currently on-going.

Athletissima 2006 Lausanne 11-Jul-2006

Results	MEN

Official Result Men - 100 Metres (Summary)
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Scott Leonard USA 10.05 20
2 Fasuba Olusoji A. NGR 10.09 15
3 Frater Michael JAM 10.09 15
4 Martina Churandy AHO 10.10 12
5 Willie Kelly USA 10.13 9
6 Pognon Ronald FRA 10.13 9
7 Crawford Shawn USA 10.15 6
8 Thomas Dwight JAM 10.16 4

Official Result Men - 100 Metres - Race 1 Wind:0m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Scott Leonard USA 10.05 20
2 Fasuba Olusoji A. NGR 10.09 15
3 Frater Michael JAM 10.09 15
4 Martina Churandy AHO 10.10 12
5 Pognon Ronald FRA 10.13 9
6 Crawford Shawn USA 10.15 6
7 Thomas Dwight JAM 10.16 4
8 Smoots Jason USA 10.16

Official Result Men - 100 Metres - Race 2 Wind:+0.9m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Willie Kelly USA 10.13 9
2 Brown Darrel TRI 10.16
3 Burns Marc TRI 10.23
4 Martin Rodney USA 10.29
5 Williams Bernard USA 10.29
6 Collio Simone ITA 10.38
7 Nthépé Issa-Aimé FRA 10.56
8 Niederhäuser Marc SUI 10.60

Official Result Men - 200 Metres Wind:+0.4m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Carter Xavier USA 19.63 20
2 Gay Tyson USA 19.70 16
3 Bolt Usain JAM 19.88 14
4 Spearmon Wallace USA 19.90 12
5 Merritt LaShawn USA 20.10 10
6 Obikwelu Francis POR 20.18 8
7 Vaden Jordan USA 20.45 6
8 Osovnikar Matic SLO 20.73 4

Official Result Men - 400 Metres
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Gonzales Jermaine JAM 44.91 20
2 Djhone Leslie FRA 44.91 16
3 Santa Carlos DOM 45.15 14
4 Godday James NGR 45.21 12
5 Nyongani Young Talkmore ZIM 45.41 10
6 Hill Clinton AUS 45.54 8
7 Potter Mitch USA 45.59 6
8 Lavanchy Pierre SUI 45.97 4

Official Result Men - 800 Metres (Summary)
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Yego Alfred Kirwa KEN 1:43.91 20
2 Reed Gary CAN 1:44.16 16
3 Kombich Ismael Kipngetich KEN 1:44.24 14
4 Bungei Wilfred KEN 1:44.41 12
5 Yiampoy William KEN 1:44.56 10
6 Madi Nabil ALG 1:44.71 8
7 Lacasse Florent FRA 1:44.74 6
8 Borzakovskiy Yuriy RUS 1:44.87 4

Official Result Men - 800 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Bungei Wilfred KEN 1:44.41 12
2 Yiampoy William KEN 1:44.56 10
3 Borzakovskiy Yuriy RUS 1:44.87 4
4 Robinson Khadevis USA 1:44.92
5 Kamel Youssef Saad BRN 1:45.21
6 Al Salhi Mohammed KSA 1:45.40
7 Milkevics Dmitrijs LAT 1:45.46
8 Chehibi Mouhssin MAR 1:45.67
9 Bogdanov Dmitriy RUS 1:45.86
dos Santos Osmar Barbosa BRA DNF

Official Result Men - 800 Metres - Race 2
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Yego Alfred Kirwa KEN 1:43.91 20
2 Reed Gary CAN 1:44.16 16
3 Kombich Ismael Kipngetich KEN 1:44.24 14
4 Madi Nabil ALG 1:44.71 8
5 Lacasse Florent FRA 1:44.74 6
6 Koech Justus KEN 1:45.44
7 Krummenacker David USA 1:45.69
8 Barrios Eugenio ESP 1:45.76
9 Isenring Julien SUI 1:49.01
10 Felix Andreas SUI 1:49.72
Mutua Joseph KEN DNF

Official Result Men - 110 Metres Hurdles (Summary)
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Liu Xiang CHN 12.88 20+6 (WR)
2 Arnold Dominique USA 12.90 16
3 Trammell Terrence USA 13.02 14
4 Robles Dayron CUB 13.04 12
5 Merritt Aries USA 13.12 10
6 Olijars Stanislavs LAT 13.19 8
7 Hughes Robby USA 13.35 6
8 Wignall Maurice JAM 13.44 4

Official Result Men - 110 Metres Hurdles - Race 1 Wind:+1.1m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Liu Xiang CHN 12.88 (WR) 20+6
2 Arnold Dominique USA 12.90 16
3 Trammell Terrence USA 13.02 14
4 Robles Dayron CUB 13.04 12
5 Merritt Aries USA 13.12 10
6 Olijars Stanislavs LAT 13.19 8
7 Doucouré Ladji FRA 13.46
8 Wilson Ryan USA 14.02

Official Result Men - 110 Metres Hurdles - Race 2 Wind:0m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Hughes Robby USA 13.35 6
2 Wignall Maurice JAM 13.44 4
3 Shi Dongpeng CHN 13.47
4 Kundert Andreas SUI 13.72
5 Bitzi Ivan SUI 13.73
6 Kronberg Robert SWE 13.87
Darien Garfield FRA DNS

Official Result Men - 400 Metres Hurdles (Summary)
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Jackson Bershawn USA 47.77 20
2 Iakovákis Periklís GRE 48.08 16
3 Myburgh Alwyn RSA 48.26 14
4 Carter James USA 48.45 12
5 de Villiers Pieter RSA 48.85 10
6 Keïta Naman FRA 48.95 8
7 Narisako Kenji JPN 49.02 6
8 Clement Kerron USA 49.07 4

Official Result Men - 400 Metres Hurdles - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Jackson Bershawn USA 47.77 20
2 Iakovákis Periklís GRE 48.08 16
3 Myburgh Alwyn RSA 48.26 14
4 Carter James USA 48.45 12
5 de Villiers Pieter RSA 48.85 10
6 Clement Kerron USA 49.07 4
7 McFarlane Danny JAM 49.28
8 Tinsley Micheal USA 50.38

Official Result Men - 400 Metres Hurdles - Race 2
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Keïta Naman FRA 48.95 8
2 Narisako Kenji JPN 49.02 6
3 Carabelli Gianni ITA 49.33
4 Griffiths Dean JAM 49.51
5 Cilliers Ockert RSA 49.61
6 Woody Joey USA 49.61
7 Yoshikata Masahira JPN 50.01
8 Grossenbacher Christian SUI 50.69

Official Result Men - Triple Jump
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Wind Pts
1 Olsson Christian SWE 17.62 +0.8 20
2 Gregório Jadel BRA 17.54 +0.8 16
3 Davis Walter USA 17.40 +0.6 14
4 Betanzos Yoandri CUB 17.37 +1.6 12
5 Wilson Aarik USA 17.21 +0.7 10
6 Donato Fabrizio ITA 17.06 +1.1 8
7 Idowu Phillips GBR 17.06 +0.7 6
8 Martínez Alexander SUI 16.99 +0.8 4
9 Douglas Nathan GBR 16.84 +1.2
10 Spasovkhodskiy Igor RUS 16.77 +1.1
11 Leis Lauri EST 16.67 +1.2
12 Tsiámis Dimítrios GRE 16.48 +0.9
13 Sabino Jefferson BRA 16.29 +0.8

Results	WOMEN

Official Result Women - 100 Metres Wind:+1.1m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Jones Marion USA 10.94 20
2 Barber Me’Lisa USA 11.03 16
3 Edwards Torri USA 11.07 14
4 Williams Lauryn USA 11.13 12
5 Ferguson Debbie BAH 11.23 10
6 Hooker Marshevet USA 11.28 8
7 Sturrup Chandra BAH 11.52 6
8 Atangana Delphine CMR 11.60 4

Official Result Women - 800 Metres (Summary)
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Jepkosgei Janeth KEN 1:56.66 20
2 Mutola Maria de Lurdes MOZ 1:56.77 16
3 Calatayud Zulia CUB 1:56.91 14
4 Benhassi Hasna MAR 1:58.24 12
5 Cherkasova Svetlana RUS 1:58.35 10
6 Sinclair Kenia JAM 1:58.64 8
7 Petlyuk Tetyana UKR 1:58.66 6
8 Grousselle Elisabeth FRA 2:00.08 4

Official Result Women - 100 Metres Hurdles (Summary)
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Perry Michelle USA 12.43 20
2 Cherry Damu USA 12.44 16
3 Foster-Hylton Brigitte JAM 12.49 14
4 Bolm Kirsten GER 12.65 12
5 Jones LoLo USA 12.68 10
6 Adams Jenny USA 12.69 8
7 Lopes Priscilla CAN 12.74 6
8 Ennis-London Delloreen JAM 12.76 4

Liu breaks 110 hurdles mark; Carter runs 19.63 in 200 meters
July 11, 2006
CBS wire reports

GENEVA – Liu Xiang of China broke the 110-meter hurdles world record on Tuesday, clocking 12.88 seconds at the Athletissima Grand Prix meeting, while Xavier Carter of the U.S. ran the second fastest 200-meters of all time.


“I’m very happy,” Liu said, laughing shyly and covering his face with the Chinese flag. “I’m very tired.”

Liu ran a victory lap, shirtless and flailing his arms before climbing to sit on the red metal clock on the field that showed his record time.

The previous record of 12.91 was set first by Britain’s Colin Jackson in August 1993. Liu had matched that time at the 2004 Summer Games in Athens, when he became China’s first-ever sprint Olympic gold medalist.

The 20-year-old Carter clocked a stunning 19.63 in the 200, the second fastest ever and beaten only by American Michael Johnson’s world record 19.32 at the Atlanta Olympics in August 1996.

Liu Xiang says: “I can’t believe it, I can’t express it.” (AP)
Countryman Tyson Gay was runner-up with a personal best of 19.70, while Usain Bolt of Jamaica, the junior record holder with 19.93, was third in 19.88, also a PB.

“Michael Johnson was a great runner and with this time, I know I’m right up there,” Carter said.

Earlier this year, Carter, the 2006 NCAA Men’s Track Athlete of the Year, became the first athlete since Jesse Owens in 1936 to win four titles at an NCAA meet. He won titles in the 100 meters, 400 meters, 4x100 relay and 4x400 relay. He was also the first athlete in the 86-year history of the NCAA Championships to ever pull off the successful 100-400 double.

Last month, the LSU sprinter and wide receiver announced he was giving up his final two seasons of college eligibility in both sports to concentrate on a professional track career and the Olympics.

Olympic and world champion Yelena Isinbayeva posted another world best, soaring 4.90 meters. The Russian had been looking to break her own world record of 5.01 meters, but missed three attempts at 5.02. She has set 19 records, indoor and outdoor.

Monika Pyrek of Poland placed second with 4.75, while Svetlana Feofanova, also of Russia, was third with 4.70.

American Marion Jones continued her winning ways by leading a U.S. sweep of the top four places in the women’s 100 meters. Jones won in 10.94, ahead of Me’Lisa Barber who was second in 11.03. Torri Edwards was third in 11.07 and Lauryn Williams fourth with 11.13.

Jones had been seeking to beat Jamaica’s Sherone Simpson’s world best of 10.82. Simpson withdrew just hours before the race because of injury. Organizers said she did not specify what the injury was.

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Liu also set a junior world record in Lausanne four years ago, breaking Renaldo Nehemiah’s mark, which had stood since 1978.


“It is my place of good luck and joy,” Liu said. “It’s where I won four years ago with such a good time. I always feel so good here.”

Liu’s performance came just three days after struggling to a fourth place finish at the Gaz de France meet outside Paris.

“I can’t believe it, I can’t express it,” Liu said later through a translator. “I had a good start and after the first five hurdles it was a perfect race,” he said. “I wanted to break the record last year, but it wasn’t working. I think I can still run even faster.”

Dominique Arnold of the U.S. was second in 12.90, which was also faster than the previous record. American Terrence Trammell, who held the season’s best of 13.06 coming into the race, placed third in 13.02.

Kenya’s Janeth Jepkosgei posted a season best in the women’s 800 meters, clocking 1 minute, 56.66 seconds.

The previous best mark this season was 1:57.07, set by Yuliya Chizhenko of Russia. The time also shaved .67 off Jepkosgei’s personal best.

Mozambique’s Maria Mutola was runner-up in 1:56.77, while Zulia Calatayud of Cuba finished third in 1:56.91.

Leonard Scott of the U.S. led from start to finish to win the men’s 100 meters, but in a modest 10.05 despite the balmy temperatures. Olusoji Fasuba of Nigeria was second in 10:09 with the same time as Michael Frater but edged the Jamaican on the photo finish. France’s Ronald Pognon was fifth in 10.13.

After a false start by countryman Jason Smoots, Scott was quickest out of the blocks quickly and preserved his lead to match his personal best time.

“I’ve always had a good start. Now I’m learning to race the 100 meters from start to finish,” he said. “Now I’m going out to set a personal best in every race.”

The meeting took a hit when co-world record holder Justin Gatlin withdrew from the 100 meters with a sore knee and Jamaica’s Asafa Powell, who shares the world record of 9.77 seconds with the American, declined to replace him.

American Michelle Perry posted a season-best time of 12.43 in the women’s 100-meter hurdles, edging compatriot Damu Cherry by .01. Brigitte Foster-Hylton of Jamaica was third in 12.49.

The previous best time this season was 12.48, set by Virginia Powell, also of the U.S. Perry also won here last year.

Shadrack Korir of Kenya smashed his personal best time in the men’s 1,500-meters, winning in 3 minutes, 31.97 seconds. The time was an impressive .62 faster than his previous top performance.

Compatriot Daniel Kipchirchir, who holds the season’s best, was runner-up in 3:32.12. World record holder Bernard Lagat was third in 3:32.19.

American Bershawn Jackson won the 400 meter hurdles in 47.77 seconds, the season’s third-best time. Periklis Iakovakis of Greece was runner-up in 48.08, while South Africa’s Alwyn Myburgh was third in 48.26.


Possibly one of the fastest single meets ever!!!

Spectacular, as can be attested by the profusion of threads on CF forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Much excitement all round. Happy to see Olu Fasuba getting his express train back on the fast track.

Lausanne has some altitude element, not sure how much. I was there only in 2000. The old-world, charming ambience of this beautiful city by the lake would make anybody happy to be there and perform accordingly. :slight_smile:

“… Lausanne is built on the southern slope of the Swiss plateau, with a difference in elevation of about 500 meters between the lakeshore at Ouchy…”

I love it!!! Talk about smashing racial stereotypes. Before 2004 no one heard of him. Now he is the olympic champion, world leader and WR holder.

in 2000 they said freeman was under some pressure with 24 million riding her home in the 400m…

after spending so much time in china over the past 2 years this guy is HUGE…

he is everywhere, posters, billboards, buildings, taxi cabs and he will only have 1.3 billion on his back in 2008.


I think this may be the first time since Gothenberg, SWE World Champs 1995 that someone has broken the world record and lost the contest. In 95 I was there to see the women’s 400m hurdles with Tonja Buford go under Sally Gunnell’s WR only to lose to fellow American Kim Batten by 0.01sec.

Well, indoors this year Clement and Merrit broke the record in the 300 along with Spearmon. Probably not a record of the same magnitude, but a record nonetheless.

Good point!

I was thinking of a major championship event, and not one of the road walks or something like a half-marathon. But the 300 was a big result.

Do we know the 300m indoor and outdoor WRs?

what impresses me is the 200 result.19.63 by carter thats moving guys great result and sparks up the 200 again finally


Xiang’s World record and the X-Man’s 200m in 19.63 thrill Lausanne
Wednesday 12 July 2006
Lausanne, Switzerland - A sensational 12.88 seconds World record was set by China’s Liu Xiang in the men’s 110m Hurdles on a miraculous night of athletics at 31st edition of the ‘Athletissima’ - IAAF Super Grand Prix meeting - in Lausanne (Tuesday 11 July), the first of two Swiss legs of the IAAF World Athletics Tour in 2006.

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But it didn’t end there as under pale blue skies on a near perfect summer night the Lausanne show was also highlighted by an outstanding 19.63 seconds run by Xavier ‘X-Man’ Carter, the second fastest time ever recorded in the men’s 200 metres, a race in which four men dipped under 20 seconds.

Liu Xiang sets the World 110m Hurdles record in Lausanne
(AFP / Getty Images)

Other world season leading marks were set by Michelle Perry (12.43) in the women’s 100 metres Hurdles, a convincing 4.90m by Pole Vault star Yelena Isinbayeva, and a close victory by Kenya’s Janeth Jepkosgei (1:56.66) in the women’s 800 metres.

Another good display, though short of her own world lead, was shown by triple jumper Tatyana Lebedeva who leapt to 15.19m.

World record obliterated

Olympic champion Liu Xiang smashed the 110m World record with a sensational 12.88*, (+1.1m/s) running three hundredths of a second faster than the previous joint World record he had shared with the Briton Colin Jackson. The 22-year-old, who had run a World junior record in Lausanne when he won the ‘B’ race in 2002 (13.12 sec), came from behind to take the race victory last night.

Xavier Carter (USA) running to the second fastest ever clocking for 200m - Lausanne
(Lorenzo Sampaolo)

The World record was a special early present for the Chinese star whose 23rd birthday is on Thursday 13 July.

USA’s Dominique Arnold also dipped under the previous World record with a new Area record of 12.90. In third, Terrence Trammell, the previous season’s fastest (13.06 – Paris 8th July) equalled his PB with 13.02, while 19-year-old Dayron Robles from Cuba, improved his PB again to 13.04 for fourth place. It was a fantastic race in depth with reigning World Junior champion Aries Merritt from the USA setting a PB with 13.12.

“It’s great. I cannot believe it,” said Liu Xiang. “It’s a dream which came true. I have already broken the World junior record in Lausanne (2002). Thank you Lausanne. It’s hard to explain. In Paris (8 July) I ran 13.19. It was not a good performance. But today I made history. I can run faster. The best part of my race was between the fifth hurdle to the finish-line. I proved again that I am the best in the world”, said Liu Xiang during a crowded press-conference.

Yelena Isinbayeva (RUS) prepares for 4.90m vault - Lausanne
(Lorenzo Sampaolo)

Carter storms to 19.63

Four-time NCAA champion Xavier Carter, 20, who only turned professional in the last few weeks, stormed to a sensational 19.63 seconds triumph in the 200 metres (+0.4m/s), setting the second fastest time in history behind Michael Johnson’s historic 19.32 run in the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.

Running his first 200 metres since becoming professional, the ‘X-Man’ as he is nicknamed overhauled even Frankie Fredericks’s second place 19.68 clocking on the all-time list. Carter’s previous fastest time was the 20.02 seconds he ran in May last year.

Janeth Jepkosgei (KEN) leads Maria Mutola in Lausanne
(Lorenzo Sampaolo)

Tyson Gay, last year’s World Athletics Final winner in Monaco, also smashed his previous PB from 19.93 to an astonishing 19.70. Another PB came from Jamaican Usain Bolt with 19.88 beating Wallace Spearmon, fourth in 19.90, which was the previous world seasonal best which the latter had shared with Asafa Powell!

“It’s an honour for me to set the second fastest time in history behind Michael Johnson who is someone I admire a lot,” confirmed Carter. “I realised during the race that I was running very fast. It’s crazy. It’s the first time four sprinters finish under-20 seconds.”

“It was not a problem running in lane eight. I like running in the outside lane because I am big and I am a fighter. The atmosphere in Lausanne was great. I think that I can catch Michael Johnson and I have time to get closer to his 19.32. I am confident that it’s possible.”

Michelle Perry (USA)
(Getty Images)

Isinbayeva grows in confidence

Yelena Isinbayeva cleared a 4.90m world seasonal best in the women’s Pole Vault, improving from her 4.76m in Paris last Saturday (8 July) to indicate that she is getting used to the new technique methods she is learning from her new coach Vitaliy Petrov. However, only one height before she had been on the verge of defeat!

The Olympic and World champion opened with a first clearance at 4.60m but after failing two of attempts, one at 4.70m and one at 4.75m, she was left with a third and final attempt at 4.79m which she vaulted successfully clinching the win over Poland’s Monika Pyrek who had provisonally taken the lead jumping 4.75 at the first time of asking.

Tatyana Lebedeva of Russia
(Getty Images)

Isinbayeva sealed today’s competition with a third time 4.90m clearance before three unsuccessful attempts at a new World record of 5.02m, the first of which was the closest.

Former World record holder Svetlana Feofanova in third place cleared a seasonal best at 4.70m.

Perry equals PB

A world seasonal best in the women’s 100m Hurdles was set by reigning World champion Michelle Perry who equalled her PB with 12.43 (+0.6m/s). Her compatriot Damu Cherry smashed her previous PB with 12.44. Brigitte Foster-Hylton also dipped under the 12.50 barrier with 12.49, while Germany’s Kirsten Bolm and US Lolo Jones performed well too, clocking respectively 12.65 and 12.68.

Christian Olsson (SWE)
(Hasse Sjögren)

France’s Eunice Barber, 2005 World silver medallist in the Heptathlon and bronze medallist in the Long Jump, showed very good form by winning the 100m Hurdles ‘B’ race with a very good 12.80, edging out 2006 World Indoor silver medallist Glory Alozie from Spain by two hundredths of a second.

An 800m dazzler

The women’s 800 metres threw up another world seasonal best, this time by Kenyan Janeth Jepkosgei who clocked 1:56.66 to hold off Mozambique’s legendary Maria Mutola who also dipped under 1:57 with 1:56.77, her fastest of the year too. Also in this year’s 1:56 club was reigning World outdoor champion Zulya Calatayud who clocked 1:56.91, her fastest performance since her 1:56.09 personal best from 2002.

Marion Jones (USA)
(Getty Images)

15m once more for Lebedeva

Tatyana Lebedeva tripled over the 15 metres barrier again with 15.19m, just four centimetres off her seasonal best set at last week’s Athens IAAF World Athletics Tour meeting (3 July).

The Russian triple and long jump star had a difficult start to her competition opening with 14.22 and a foul. Cuban World silver medallist Yargelis Savigne took the lead with her first attempt of 14.49m which she increased to 14.85m, which nearly missed her new national record set in Athens last week by just six centimetres. However, Lebedeva recovered on her third attempt leaping to 14.60m before overhauling Savigne in the fifth round with 15.19m.

Olsson from injury to firm bet

Olympic men’s Triple Jump champion Christian Olsson of Sweden already looks to be a firm bet to retain his European title when the continental gold medal is contested in his home town of Gothenburg in one-month’s time. His 17.62m seasonal best last night, in what was only his fifth meeting since returning from injury, is the third best performance in the world this summer. Brazilian Jadel Gregorio also leapt to a seasonal best (17.54) for second spot over USA’s World outdoor and indoor champion Walter Davis (17.40).

Wilfred Bungei of Kenya
(Getty Images)

Jones is sub-11 again

USA’s Marion Jones showed that she has returned to form by nearly repeating her Paris Golden League’s performance with a 10.94 second run over the women’s 100m holding off Melisa Barber, who ran a 11.03 PB finishing runner-up ahead of her compatriot Torri Edwards (11.07). World champion Lawryn Williams set a seasonal best ending up in fourth place in 11.13.

Jackson dominant

Yelena Soboleva of Russia
(courtesy of

In the men’s 400m Hurdles reigning World champion Bershawn Jackson dipped under the 48 seconds barrier with an impressive 47.77 which earned him a comfortable win in the men’s 400m Hurdles over Greek record holder Periklis Iakovakis (48.08), and last Saturday’s Paris winner Alwyn Myburgh from South Africa, third with 48.26. US champion and reigning World Junior champion Kerron Clement, who holds the fastest time in the world this year with 47.39, finished a distant sixth with 49.07.

Olympic champion downed by Howard

US high jumper Chaunté Howard missed her PB by two centimetres but managed to beat Olympic champion Yelena Slesarenko on countback at 1.99m in the women’s High Jump. Howard cleared 1.99m on her second attempt to Slesarenko’s clearance at the same height on her last try.

Leonard Scott of USA
(Getty Images)

Quality Middle distances

Russian Yelena Soboleva again ran into sub-four minutes territory with a new meeting record of 3:58.60 in the women’s 1500m. France’s Latifa Essarokh, third in Paris’ Stade de France last Saturday, backed up this feat with a solid 4:00.50. Local favourite Maryam Yusuf Jamal of Bahrain, winner in Lausanne last year, finished third in 4:02.45.

World Indoor champion Wilfred Bungei clinched his second 800 metres win in a row following on from Paris with 1:44.41 defeating his training partner William Yampoy (1:44.56 seasonal best), US champion Khadevis Robinson (1:44.86). A typically late run attack from Russian Olympic champion Yuriy Borzakovskiy (1:44.92) basically ran out of track before he could catch the leaders.

Surprisingly the overall quickest 800m time was set by Kenyan Alfred Kirwa Yego who ran an impressive 1:43.92 to win a high quality 800 metres ‘B’ race defeating World Championships finalist Gary Reed from Canada (1:44.16), and another Kenyan Ismael Kombich (1:44.24). All three set their personal bests.

Another Kenyan Shadrack Korir narrowly beat world seasonal leader Daniel Komen Kipchirchir and US Bernard Lagat after a close battle in the finishing straight of the men’s 1500m. Lagat, Kipchirchi and Korir engaged in a head-to-head battle in the final 100 metres which went to Korir in a new personal best 3:31.96, to Kipchirchir’s 3:32.12, and Lagat’s 3:32.19.

Kenyan revelation Edwin Soi, who ran 12:52.40 for 5000m in Paris, defeated World Youth champion Abreham Cherkos Feleke (7:32.37), and 2003 World 5000m champion Eliud Kipchoge (7:33.35) in the 3000 metres.

Reigning 3000m Olympic Steeplechase champion Ezekiel Kemboi of Kenya won his second consecutive European race of the season following his victory in Paris, crossing the finish-line in 8:12.79 ahead of Richard Matelong, also from Kenya, second in 8:12.90.

Scott convincing over 100m

Former American footballer Leonard Scott sprinted to a convincing 100 metres win in 10.05. African record holder Olusoji Fasuba from Nigeria and World silver medallist Michael Frater from Jamaica were credited with the same time of 10.09 but second place went to the former. Last year’s Lausanne winner Ronald Pognon finished fifth with 10.13.

US sprinter Kellie Willie took the 100 metres ‘B’ race in 10.13 defeating Trinidad and Tobago sprinters Darrel Brown (10.16) and Marc Burns (10.23).

Spotakova 65.89m PB

The winner of a high-class women’s Javelin Throw was Czech Barbora Spotakova, 25, who speared 65.89m, a personal best, the second longest throw of 2006. Steffi Nerius from Germany finished second with 64.67m ahead of Christina Scherwin with 63.49m. World and Olympic champion Menéndez Osleidys was back in 6th (61.69m).

Jamaica’s Jermaine Gonzales and France’s Leslie Djhone ran 44.91 for the 400m but the Jamaican prevailed in the photo-finish.

Diego Sampaolo for the IAAF

30.85A Michael Johnson
31.48 Danny Everett
31.48 Roberto Hernández
31.56 Doug Walker
31.61 Anthuan Maybank

31.88 Wallace Spearmon 31.94 Kerron Clement
31.94 LaShawn Merritt
32.19 Robson Caetano da Silva 32.36 Frank Fredericks

in lane 8 wow. He now thinks he catch break the 200m wr. I think he is trippin unless he runs some more sub 19.7 200 then i will belive, i just think the track was hella fast.

thanks, good research. 30.8 yikes! nice bridge from 19.3 to 43-low world records.

his previous pr was from lane 8.

i would take 4, 5 or 6 but as long as it’s not 1 or 2 then it’s close to 6 of one and half dozen of the other.

Carter is meeting Wariner over 400m next. Should be good.

There’s only three days in between to recover from that massive run; I’m glad it’s 400m next, and not 100m.

Would have been nice if he had a full 7 days more!

Carter is now a definate threat to the 200m record in my opinion, although…let’s see what happens in the next month!