Lauric Acid


Udo’s book briefly mentions the PR camaign to discredit coconut oil back in the 70’s, which had previously been widely used. Apparantly, the campaign was primarily spear headed by one guy (don’t have the name). Do you have any info related to that whole episode? I’m certain someone was backing him from the shadows.

Clemson, on a different subject, have you heard any developments about carnosine as an ergogenic aid? Thanks.

Carnosine have the same buffering effects as bicarbonate? I know bicarbonate is banned by the Olympics, but carnosine would be nice to supplement if it had the same effects, and if not banned as well.


Page 246 goes into the 1988 smear campaign briefly…I am not aware who was involved but I seldom listen to many people save the big guns. It started in the NY times I believe…

I believe it was on Mercola’s site that I read a story about cattle ranchers experimenting with coconut oil in the 40’s as a cheap way to fatten up their cattle. To their chagrin, the cattle ended up eating more and losing bodyfat. So the ranchers switched to corn, soy and other vegetable oils, which made the cattle gain more fat while eating less. And now the US food industry uses the same shit in our food. Do you get the feeling Americans are being fattened up for slaughter (in more ways than one)?

Anyone tried Garden of Life’s Coconut Oil? I see it in the Vitamin Shoppe and might pick some up. Seemed a bit pricey at 15 bucks for a small jar.

I tried it. It’s okay. I prefer the Wilderness Family Naturals brand.