Lateral speed development

Altought the Agility thread is still HOT, I am interested into the methods and principles of lateral speed development…

We are basically well known about linear speed development — sprinting — one should “only” get to know Charlie Francis methods and that is it! :slight_smile:

But is linear speed development enough for team sports that involve lateral speed and agility (look at another thread for agility and change-of-direction)…???

For lateral speed I consider lateral starts, shuffles, slides, lateral run… How to improve this? Should one use same methods for lateral speed as for linear? How to organize training (weekly, yearly) to develop lateral speed? Is playing your own sport just enough to develop it?

What about shuffles/slides/lateral run with sleds, on hills…???

Under linear speed I am reffering to acceleration ability and starting ability (“first step quickness”)

Also, what are the speed charactristic of lateral speed? How much the athlete need to develop full speed in lateral movements? What are the appropriate distances for its development? How much and how long does athlete perform lateral movement… is this only a “transitional” phase (submax) or is it of high intensity…

I would love to adress this topic in this thread!

Hit it guys… :slight_smile:

I want you to get out on your local tennis court and have a look at the effects of agility work on the young players. See how many have laxity in the ankles and little, if any, elasticity. Now report back on how successful this approach is. (Just for the record, I’ve also trained some players from the ATP)

Is that somekind of a homework?? :slight_smile:

I will try to find a court and a game near by…

Charlie, what do you think of these guys, lax or no?

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