LaShawn Merritt's phenomenal indoor performance

Every one has obviously heard of LaShawn Merritt’s phenomenal indoor performance at the Fayetteville Invitational meeting on Friday which, took him to the second fastest indoor 400 metre runner of all time, only Michael Johnson himself has run two faster times. But what I’d like to know is if anyone has this footage because I’m from the United Kingdom and have only read articles on this performance I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me to a website or post the race :slight_smile:

I just saw smoot in the 60, man was he freakin huge. Do u guys think thats natural? I mean he was like big as shawn crawford and ben johnson combined, will not really. But still big

i wanna see his 200m race

Has anyone got footage of LaShawn Merritt’s 200m performance by any chance? I’m not surprised it was so fast did you see his split for his 400m WOW ;).

Truly phenomenal, and being in lane 6 really helped him, he just blasted away alone, and his first 200 is ridiculous. How long are those straights, 40m., 50m.? It seems like these guys goble up those straights in a couple of steps. Impressive.

I thought his surge between 150 and 200 was mighty impressive! Let alone seemingly easy. Bill Carson’s rotary running w. anaerobic power?

I watched the tyson invite on ESPN2 the other night, and I was really impressed with Merritt’s 400m… and then I was disgusted with the 4x4. 3/5 teams were DQ’d from that race, there were stupid and disrespectful moves made by too many runners… and my appreciation with Merritt completely evaporated whenI saw him run his leg. He ran one guy over, didn’t even try to go around him,just flat tired him, and hopped over him.