LaSalle Football workout

Doing some physical prep work with one of their players and thought I’d pass along a mid-July “sprint workout”.

6 x 110 yd 40 sec RI
6 x 80 yd 30 sec RI
6 x 60 yd 30 sec RI
8 x 40 yd 15 sec RI
3 x 10 x 20 yd 15 sec RI

2 min RI between each series of runs.

Footwork drills

2 x 6 ladders 3 running 3 bounding
2 x line drills

This player also reports that groin/hamstring strains are an epidemic on this squad.

I have a number of collegiate athletes that I work with in the spring and summer and always enjoy seeing their training programs. I’ve got quite a collection some good some not so good

Do coaches actually want their players to get faster on these? Or just condition? It amazes me that S&C coaches don’t ever ask for help. i.e. track coaches for speed or Zatsiorsky at PSU (HIT school) for strength.

Could you give some examples of schools with good programs.

Why do speed work?

They have another workout in late June where they are asked to run
10 x 300 with 3 min RI. Followed up with footwork and line drills.

When the number of groin strains quadruples your wins, when is it time to make a change?

Is there a mathamatical formula for figuring this out?

                             4 x GS > Vy = new SC

I think u have the equation mixed up. My calculus professor told me that it’s:
GS > 4 x Vy = new SC :slight_smile:

Thanks prophet, I must have absent that day.

When you say La Salle are you talking about the football program with the huge winning streak and all that? Just checking.


When you say you have a bunch of programs “some good some not so good” would you mind forwarding me some of the good ones so I could see some examples to base mine off of? I’ve got what I think is my final draft in place, but I wanna see how it compares. Thanks.

Mister C,
My home computer is not working right. I’ll try to fix it tonight. When I do I’ll help you out with the programs I think are good.

By the way, anyone know why Norton Internet Security won’t let my internet come up?

Good Grief!
Re footwork drills… Are their feet still moving after the “sprint work”?

Not really. For our football team we have something similar to that and after we do our sprinting circuit we go to ladder drills and footwork and I can tell you that most of our guys are tripping over the ladders and knocking bags over. Then the coaches yell at us and wonder why we are so tired :rolleyes:

I can say for sure that the football coaches that I know of have no clue on planning their workouts or periodization at all. They just wanna do high intensity and high volume workouts every day 5x time a week. Then they get pissed when our performance just drops on Thursday and Friday…Sorry, I had to vent.