Lane 1 Outdoors

This is a real elementary question and I know there are many other factors that may contribute (tightness of curves, height of runner etc)
Anyhow, Generally what would you say is the time difference from running in lane 1 as opposed to an outside lane on an outdoor track.

As usual I was plagued with lane 1 yesterday and ran 22.63 for my first 200 of the year. My best season opener has been 22.52 in the past so im just trying to figure out what I could have opened up with.
For thoese interested it is up on my web server.

Hey quick its ok. I know that the world record for lane 1 in the 200m is over 20 seconds. By cobby miller I guess. Mat be 20.10 if I remember accuratly. So its no problem. I guess you can go way faster in times to come.

That was a good race… I would guess you woulda ran 22.4x if you weren’t in lane 1…

Thanx guys.
From the research I have done looking at the times in diff rounds of the olympics and seeign what ppl who had lane 1 ran in previous heats it looks like it is a .2-.3 difference.

Anyone else>?

i’d like to see the race…seems…your site is down.