Lactic Acid

In my chemistry class, we have to find an article related to chemistry, read it then write an analysis on it. I was thinking about writing it on the lactic acid in our body and how it works. Does anyone know a good place where i can find it? The article has to be around 3-4 pages long and keep in mind in still in high school :cool: so my ability to read some of these science articles are limited.

Not sure about the level you are looking for, but have a look on George A. Brooks.

I know you may need something simpler, but some of his concepts are not that difficult to understand; he knows his stuff, that’s why…

Hope it helps!
Good luck with it!

Try any biochemstry textbook. There’s one by Styer, that’s quite good. If chem’s not your strongest point i’d avoid it as it does go into a lot of detail.