Lactate training for basketball

Does anyone know the average play length and rest in basketball? I remember reading about a study done on an NBA game that the average play lasted 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest. I think 300m shuttle runs would be a perfect drill to develop the necessary anaerobic endurance.

I think this might be too “sport specific.” I do believe Al Vermeil has done some research on energy systems though.

Do you think a good idea would be use various forms of tempo for general fitness and actual games for “conditioning?”

Does this help to answer your question?

Bingo…let’s not talk about what charlie and the bulls is doing right…but let’s talk about the mistakes of doing lactate work during strength phases. Non only do you impair the power work but during the year the growth in energy system needs is also impaired. Remember maximal strength shifts the speed endurance requirements…

Good read with some studies regarding endurance training for soccer and basketball. Note that basketball players had heart rates above 85% max for 75% of court time during a game.

heart rate measurements can be deceptive. If a player has a higher speed reserve, their heart rate will be lower than the slower player, who has to put out more effort.

Did you read the entire article, Herb? These were professional athletes. Did you read about the blood lactate levels of some of the players being comparable to 400 m sprinters after a race?

Ya I read the entire article. I am going to stick with my usual answer though which is: “What Charlie said.”

Wouldn’t this kind of conditioning be provided by playing the actual game?

Non only do you impair the power work but during the year the growth in energy system needs is also impaired.

while I agree on Your statement here so far, would You kindly expand on this sentence a bit ?


vertical integration works an array of energy systems all the time with different emphasis at the right time…when you transfer too soon the phase will be screwed an you can go back. I see a lot of athletes wanting to get into game shape because they are in panic mode and are afraid to go slow (aerobic) and power/strength…thinking that will not be enough. The key is to make sure you imprint the DNA with clear improvement. Many guys get into cortisol problems in the middle of the season and burn out.

“You have to down the mountain to climb a higher one…”


I now have a full six pack like your swimmers and tracksters! Thanks for keeping me away from the fat burners and suicides. I can’t wait to start the GPP thing.

Thank You Clemson,
much clearer now,and great points to discuss…