lacrosse training

I was wondering what would be the best type of routine being that I need speed, agility, and a quick reactive time with explosive power. I am a defender and am in search of a good routine to get me ready for the upcoming season. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you do a search for speed on this site you’ll find plenty of info to keep you busy. When does your season start?

starts on jan 18th

Fblax -

I play lacrosse, I’m an attackman but my season doesn’t start until late March. I plan on using a CFTS/Westside split this offseason once football ends and my ankle heals:

M: speed, ME upper
T: conditioning (low intensity jogging, abs, pushups)
W: speed, ME lower
T: conditioning
F: speed, DE lower/upper
S: conditioning
S: rest

Just some food for thought. Where do you play?