Lacrosse /track??

I got interested in lacrosse, after watching some matches for the Ncaa champs, and i remember Jim Brown used to be a great Lacrosse player, other than football demigod, and good decathlete.
Any top Lacrosse guy in the past with a good track backgorund, or vice versa?

not sure if he ever ran ran track but max seibald ( from Cornell lacrosse) has run a 4.2-4.4 40 yd dash

Same accuracy like…he ran 100m 10"00-10"60…

laser time 4.38, handtimed at 4.2

Looks like he played the wrong sport, no disrespect intended to lacrosse.

So…many high school prospects in the east play it with football, but track…cannot find infos…

I believe lacrosse is a spring sport in high school so you won’t find very many who have done that and track. The same goes for baseball.

lax is a spring sport at least in masschusetts so it conflicts with spring track (miaa only allows athletes to play one sport a season). and seibald was also recruited for football but decided just to play college lax