hey i lacerated my left wrist. theres a deep cut on the side of my wrist from a knife i was cutting boxes with. and it was bleeding like hell but it stopped and i put some rubbing alcohol on it and washed it, put some neosporin and wrapped it up. would it be ok to still weight train cuz it kinda hurts when i clinch my fist. i just dont wanna make it a bigger deal. any suggestions on what i should do? :-X

doesn’t require stitches? How bad is it? Cut or laceration… I think the term laceration is a bit more severe for things that may require stitches… Anyways, not exactly sure but by the sounds of it you should be OK if you keep it wrapped and take care of it… ? Anyone else?

it hurts when i clinch my fist and extend my wrist backwards…

Train and watch for infection.