L.t.a.d. opinion

Hi guys this is my first time I open a thread on this forum I hope it was the right place otherwise move it to the right place.
My question is what do you think about Long-term athlete development in sport and in particular swimming (where I train as strenght coach) because in Italy where I live I didn’n find much about.
Thanx to all of you:) :smiley:

What is the current LTAD model for swimming?

A friend of mine from Canada (not C.F.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) talked about it so thru a searching engine I’ve found something but I’m not sure if it’s bull**** or not so I’m asking you if is something to count on or not.
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The Canadian sports bureaucrats are all about pushing the LTAD models on athletes and coaches. They want to tell all the coaches when their athletes can can lift weights, when then can take a piss, etc. The problem is, all of their models are incorrect.

I had one coach argue with me that an athlete should only lift weights once they have stopped growing. And, how do we know they have stopped? What if they stop growing, you do weights for a few months and then they grow again? What if they keep growing until they are 20 years old? Do you hold off on the training program? What about doing plyos which create far greater impact forces?

Thanks I figured that…:wink:
I wonder why the canadian sport committee didn’t do a great job in Beijing!!Same system as italy unfortunately.Thanx again:D :smiley:

You need a LTAD model for the development of skills in general - somewhat like LTAD from Canada and then one again for within your sport and then within your event group and finally within your event.

E.g. One for all skills - run, jump, throw, swim, skate
One for athletics - run, jump, throw
One for sprints - 100/200.400
One for 100m - 100!

To my knowledge swim canada has not produced an LTAD strategy. The are following the general guidlines in the sport canada LTAD paper.

i agree with #2 and Kit Kat.
The problem with Canadian LTAD is it hinders the very talented athlete and encourages coaches to place less value on performance based training and skill development.

Newcomer I am a swimming coach in canada. Is there something specific you are interested in?

LTAD- does that stand for Lots of Time for Administrative Dickheads? Canada works hard to find ways to create an ever more top-heavy bureaucracy to be sure no funds are wasted beyond the salaries in Ottawa.

The main problem with bureaucracies is not the ridiculous expense, or the glacial speed with which they operate, although those are both bad.

It’s that if Jesus were walking the earth today, his chances wouldn’t be very good of ever making Pope.

I suspect Swin Canada has more power and therefor autonomy from pressure to create these protocols

I suspect they give that impression.

Okay - I’m still laughing. You have earned the “best creative acronym of the day” award.

Thanks spsc I’ll consider it. Right now I wanted an opinion about Ltad because it seemed very interesting

Funny thing Charlie, you could just as well be living in the same country as I do. I feel the same exact way about it.

You had to import your chief dickhead- ours are home-grown!