Kwik Back Rebounder

Has anyone used one of these or similar products? What are your experiences?

What skill level is this for? Why not a wall or partner?

Could be good if skill is high enough and there wasn’t a wall or partner in sight.

The skill level is mine actually and a partner gets in the way (when was the last time you saw two or more people play soccer and actually get som decent training in?)

Up until now I’ve been using the rear ground bar of whatever goal post is available that day, but the trajectory of the ball is most often to high this way. I want something that gives a more powerful, direct rebound.

There are a lot of variables to think about. If your skill level is not real high, you may have to be pretty close to the net to avoid missing it. But if you are close, the ball may rebound back to you too quickly. Is the tension on the net adjustable to control the rebound?

When I was coaching soccer, I got a rebound net that attached to the goal and was the full goal size. I could adjust the tension to control how fast the ball rebounded. Worked very well and, as I recall, cost a lot less than $240. Only drawback was it took 15 minutes or so to put up and adjust.

Your right about skill level of course, but for my use a small target area is a bonus because my aim is to improve concentration rather than passing or recieving skills, which are already quite high. I could (and do) use other means, but a rebounder seems a lot more fun and gives more variability, which should transfer into more time spent practising.

Something I have used in the past is a construction as simple as this (I don’t know what it is called in english), which works quit good. Two on top of each other is even better of course.

Called a Pallet (said pal-it)

Forget the Rebounder. Got to the pitch and there they where: three almost as good as new pallets. Worked great as always. Who needs expensive stuff?

I’m thinking there could be money in pallets. Every kid his own pallet. A Ronaldhino pallet anyone?