Kweli's Training Journal

I started doing long jogs IN the beginning of October and and did hills once a week. I jogged three days a week. In November I use to do 2x600m once a week for the whole month then I started Indoors the following Month

IN december I ran my very first 60m meet In 6.95 s. I was running off pure strength and power I’m guessing cause I hadn’t done any speed. I was also doing weights once a week. I did MAX squats every week and went up to 405 (down to the bench) 5 times.

for training form January to February I would do 2x10 200’s on Monday… at around 28 seconds…then 7x300 tempo…

for March,April every tuesday I would do 3x300m. The first being the best and the last two giving it all i had. I stopped doing weights during this time. my best 300m was 34.92HT with a 21.9 HT split and another coach got me in 22.2 HT

going into my first meet of the season I did 5x150’s doing the best in 16.4 ht.

And for my second meet three days before I did, 6x10 m starts, 4x30m starts, 2x70m standing starts and a standing 100m…everything full out.

My PB’s are
50m 5.97
60m: 6.87
100m: 10.93 (Last YEAR)
200m: 22.37 (LAST YEAR)

People say that I have a really good start but I fade in the ending of my race.I use to get tired after 75-80 m. especially last year. so far In the race that I have run this year I still fade but don’t get tired… my stride frequency slows down alot but I am not tired after the race…maybe because of the strength and jogs I have done… I think I may need alot more speed endurance.

I am also very tight. My quads are extremely TIGHT…not sure exactly how to stretch them with out hurting my knee…

I have been to sports doctors, physios and other places and they say I am one of the tightest person they have ever seen…

for example i will lay on my stomach and when i bring my foot to my butt i can only bring it to about 70 degrees. no joke

my hamstrings are getting better …and also my lower bike is very tight.

the sports doctors and physios also say I have very developed spinal muscles…(those two muscles that start form the lower back )

Anyways I’ll keep you all updated in my training regime and Thanks for the Help In Advance

Kweli, you certainly have the 50m and 60m speed to run much faster over 100m.

However, I don’t know whether 300m trials are necessary the best way to go, although I am sure there are many athletes that may succeed from such methods. You probably need to do flying 30-60m reps where you endeavour to hold form and run relaxed at a high speed.

A relevant test for you may well be a flying 100m. In other words, if you do not have electronic timing, a timer needs to press the watch when you reach the 100m with a flying start and stop it at the finish. However, this should only be done occasionally as a test. Your improvement is most likely to come from working on your top speed and holding form over 30-80m.

Ran at cities the other day didn’t run very good. 10.87 for 100m and 22.06 for 200m…

I have also been running 7.1’s and 7.2 in 60m outside…when I was Inside I was running 6.8’s…

I don’t know what’s wrong. running like this is very frustrating and disturbing after I had a good indoor season.

Kweli what were your pr’s in the 100 and 200 last outdoors season?

10.93 -100m
22.37 -200m

so you ran great today!
pr’s by alot in both the 100 and 200!
it seems like youre expecting too much form yourself at this point based on your training times and you indoor 60. you’ll get there man. you cant expect to improve a half second in the 100 a year. 2 tenths imporvement a year is large and 10.73 would be a great time for you. keep us informed on you progress!

Yestreday I did

5 a-running 100meters
then 3 50m b-running.

then some accelerations (4x100m)

FOr practice Yesterday I did


hamstring curls and quad extension
step-ups (150lbs)
and did some accelerations

For todays practice

15 B-skips…continuous (70m)
two 50m accelerations…

10X375!! DAMNNN… how fast how much rest?

that’s 10x375 lbs squats… not running

OOOO THANK GOD! u got me worried there kweli…lol.

I have South Regionals next week. and today I’m going to be doing some speed work.

I am planning to run 21.xx and PB in the 100m again.

Need to fix my 100m soon. best time so far is only a 10.87 (ran 6.87 indoors!!!) this is really frustrating…

any advice guys? :frowning:

Your times are impressive!

Have you thought about therapy for your flexibility issues?

In your GPP phase how often did you do weights?


i don;t do weights.

what’s a GPP phase?

general prep phase

you dont do any weights at all?

What about pullups, pushups, jump squats etc?

Are you naturally strong/muscular?

how about plyos?