Kweli's Hurtin'

Hey Guys’

I have been hurting the entire off-season. Have had severe back spasms last month but now they better because of my chiro. But my groin, which has been hurting me since my last race in August, Is getting worse.

I’ve decided to take two weeks off practice and go strictly to physio and pool work outs for two weeks.

Any other advice for me guys would be very appreciated. The Physio Therapist said I’d be using some kind of laser, ultra sound, muscle stim and Power exercise to get my groin better…

Hope to here form y’all…


ps: they said both my abductor muscles were weak. what part does that muscle play in sprinting…?

hi kweli,the adds are used alot during the initial block,block clearance and early acceleratoin phase.i think N4D wrote something about a stretching programme he used on add probs and i would highly recommend you mailing him to find out are as strong as your weakest links and for some sprinters the adds have ruined careers