Kweli's First Meet

Ran alright yesterday considring it was my first outdoor compettive race of the season. It was a Hand timed meet so I didn’t get a time but it was most likely a PB.

My stride frequency was terribly slow but my stride length was really good.

I haven’t done any short speed in over a month and continue to do 300m runs and 150m tempo.

anyways just keeping y’all updated.



After seeing a high kid this week in Pickering ran 9.91 and win by like three meters over second place who ran 11.2 i belive anything can happen when it comes down to hand time. i was at the finsh line and saw the girls she must of started after twenty meters was run.

Originally posted by Kweli
It was a Hand timed meet so I didn’t get a time but it was most likely a PB.

are hand times faster than electronic times because i just realised yesterday’s meet was hand timed.


what you run?

Hand times are at least .24 sec faster than electric times.

Came second in 10.49 ht and the winner (OFSAA champ from last year…STATE CHAMP for y’all in the states ) he ran 10.4 HT.

I have cities next week. and it will have a tv where they get the times off…it’s much better than hand time but still at at least a 10 of in most cases…

Damn. That’s damn fast hand-timed or not.

i was shock too "then i had to tell my self “it’s just hand time”. i’m guessing it around a 10.7 high though or low 10.8.

i don’t think i’m running that fast right now. I will be ready for ofsaa (state) though

where is ofsaa this year? some of my fondest high school memories are getting my doors blown off by mike smith (decathlete) at nowsa and ofsaa…i think my back half is still sitting in the blocks.

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where is ofsaa this year?

st catherines at brock university i believe

yeah new icons!!

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sorry, I was giving him a… haircut!hahaha

kewli how old are you, are you a junior or senior.

Congrats that is a great time!!

Everything feel ok during the run? How was the last 30 meters?
I personally feel hand times should be illegal though :slight_smile:

A photo/video system is what a grand? Any track can afford that and then you dont have to worry about the timer either being sleepy or on crack :slight_smile: