KU vs Davidson

The ncaa has decided to replay the last 16sec, I love it much love to mid majors.

Man you and your PTI.

I bet Curry nails a 3 this time, I love the Cinderellas.

LOL, you must be watching it too.

Yea, I think Curry should go pro, too much room to drop in the draft if his team goes to shyt next year. I’d take 10-15 now, I don’t think he can get any higher.

I think davidson will be good next year and curry go higher next year bc he will be playing his natural positon which is point guard and not shooting guard.

lol… was his natural position. He’s been a stud shooting guard for two years, where he had a vastly underrated point guard (Richards) who repeatedly set him up for probably 2/3 of his shots. It is a whole 'nother animal for him to handle all point guard duties and keep up his scoring. He certainly can create his own shot but over and over, along with pushing point is a ton more than he’s been doing. It would probably end up being being too much, especially when the other team is entirely focused on you. I’d keep him at the 2 and find a PG to step in. I don’t know who they have, but I don’t see them even coming close to what they did this year.

Ok Mr.Bill Walton, he said last week thats why hes coming back to school so he can play pg since thats going to be his position in the league. do you watch nba basketball this lil guy cant guard 2 men like tmack or kobe - hes 6’2 160 dripping wet.

We got a multi-time all-SEC guard at MSU - Jamont Gordon, word is he is planning to go pro. Would definitely benefit from another year in college honing his passing and outside game.

We have been the only team to go toe to toe with Memphis besides UT since we have the athletes as well and he was all over Douglas-Roberts when we were man to man. He was high scorer on both sides of the ball. He’s a baller, 6’4 230 PG. If he can get an out side game he should do well in NBA.

Ya I do watch nba basketball and probably know a little more about the game than you. anyways, jon barry, there are several 6’2" shooting guards in the nba. A lot of them are called “combo guards”. Think, from the best, iverson, monta ellis, kirk hinrich, ben gordon, mike james, jason terry, leandro barbosa to the not as good, eddie house, jannero pargo etc. Also, no one can guard Kobe or T-Mac. I don’t care if you 6’2" or 6’7", no one can guard them.

Curry could also be drafted by a team with a taller point guard. This way, someone closer to the size of a traditional shooting guard can guard the 2 and curry can defend the 1. There are a lot of things teams can do. Steve Nash regularly guards the other teams small forward (to hide his defensive abilities) a la a Bruce Bowen. And he won’t be playing a ton of minutes. He’ll be coming off the bench and playing against other bench players for most of the time, not the Kobes and T-Macs.

Bill Walton trust me curry will not be a two guard in the league read my last post, the kid dont even want to play shooting guard. with your bb knowledge you should know leandro barbosa is the back up point guard and he is also one of the fastest players in the league.

Monta Ellis! That’s a player. We had his ass headed to Mississippi State before he decided on NBA. If they had made the rule one year earlier we would’ve had him and Jamont Gordon in our backcourt at the same time!

Curry is a badass player.

What do you guys think about Derrick Rose and Douglas-Roberts?

First off, barbosa is a “combo guard” and definitely not a point guard. maybe he brings the ball up sometimes, but he is not a point guard. second, curry will play whatever they tell him to play and it will be very hard for him to prove to people now, after what he just did, that he is a better pg than he is a shooter.

I think d-rose is ridiculous and can go from standing still to 100 mph in less than a second. its crazy. i think he’ll be great in the nba. Like a baron davis, but with a lot more north-south to his game than davis.

CDR will be pretty good too. He has a mid range game that a lot of pros don’t. I played against him a lot in aau (we’re from the same area). If he can get in the right situation, he’ll be a very good pro.

You seem to know bball, you know anything about Jamont Gordon? You think he will a decent pro player?

We see next year when he go to the league, plz dont stop posting before then.

Gordon is good. He can play so many positions and defend them all (1, 2 or 3). He’ll probably be a earlier second round pick and from there, it’s up to him to make that team. I could definitely see him being a guy who comes of the bench and is instant offense, like a Flip Murray, but wth better D. From what I remember of seeing him play, he doesn’t pass the ball a lot, right? He seemed to always be looking for his own. I can tell you THAT won’t work at the pro level.

No he doesn’t pass a lot. However, at the same time often when he wouldn’t it was because NO ONE but him was able to score, i.e. the 2 and 3 going 0 for 9 beyond the arc, etc. So he would sort of take over and get the win because no one else was. Then in other games you’ll see him with 8 pts, 9 assists and 11 rebounds. Obviously the NBA shouldn’t have that kind of problem with the 2 and 3.

His lack of a mid range shot and consistent 3 is his biggest scoring weakness. And his vision for passing lanes which I would think would get better the more he plays PG. He wasn’t a PG coming into school originally.