Korean ginseng

is it any good for sprinting? or will it affect cns severely eg: recovery wise if im taking it every day overstimulating my cns?

also thoughts on co enzyme q10 and guarana…

CoQ10 is an antioxidant, so in theory will reduce free radical damage caused by exercise. Some people take it, some dont, I guess it depends on your feelings towards antioxidants. One fairly recent theory is to avoid anti-oxidants straight after training, as part of the exercise stimulus is for the body to recover from oxidative stress, and taking antioxidants prevents this.

Guarana and ginseng are both stimulants. With regards to recovery, perhaps someone else could help, as I have no knowledge in this area. However, both these stimulants are herb based, which always makes me a little easy when it comes to drug testing. I believe Linford Christie’s 1988 positive was said to be down to Ginseng (his excuse).