kobeflights training log

sorry im posting these late…but heres what i did this week and ill keep it updated…

just to let you guys know, im doing kelly baggetts novice strength program because its best suited for me (i bought the vj bible) and im doing the program in nba power conditioning book for Upper body

Monday, June 27


Squat 3x10 (185)
Leg Curl 4x8 (120)
Calf raises (55)


Some practice, didn’t get all done because I had a game and practice for another league after the game

Tuesday-June 28

Today i went to the YMCA and lifted first.

this is what i did:

Bench Press 4x10 (115)
Supersetted with pull ups 4x10

Dumbell incline bench press 4x10 (40)
Supersetted with low rows 4x10 (100)

Shoulder Push Press 3x10 (70)
Supersetted with Shrugs 3x10 (50)

Tricep Rope extensions 3x10 (30)
Supersetted with barbell curls 3x10 (50)

(Keep in mind this is my hypertrophy phase, the program is from my nba power conditioning book)

After i went and practiced a bit afterwards then ran some full court pick up games.

Wednesday, June 29

no weight room today, just went to the ymca with my friend and did drills for basketball. so today was basketball practice only in the morning.

then at night at around 8 i had a game for high school.

pretty much it

Thursday, June 30

Went to the ymca in the morning and did drills on my own for basketball. about 2-3 hours.

Went back home rested for like an hour or two and headed back to the ymca at around 6.

played some pickup games and then did my workout which was this:

Deadlift 3x8 (115)
(when u do deadlifts ur supposed to feel it in ur back right? cuz my back was hella sore after each set)

Barbell lunges 2x8 each leg (80)
(i dont know why but when i was doin lunges afterwards my knees were killing me)

1 legged calf raises 3x20 each leg

Partner medicine ball situps 3x40 (6 pound medicine ball)

comments, tips? please