Kobe Bryant Training

A couple of summers ago, Kobe Bryant transformed his body by adding muscle mass to his skinny frame. The 666 routine stands for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, 6 months of training. Someone on TNT athletics listed below his weight training regimine. His workout also includes 2 hours of running, 2 hours of basketball, and 1 hour of cardio (boxing, jump rope in Kobe’s case,) to go along with 1 hour of the exercises listed below.

Day 1 & Day 4
Bench press
Lat pull-downs
Incline press
Military press
Abdominal crunches

Day 2 & Day 5
Lateral dumbbell raises
Bar dips
Tricep press-downs
Bicep curls
Abdominal crunches

Day 3 & Day 6
Back squats/Front squats
Leg curls
Leg extensions
Calf raises
Abdominal crunches

What ya’ll think?

whats with u and kobe bryant?

favorite bball player

ahh if there is one thing i hate it is people who copy other peoples programs. Examine the principles and find out how they apply to you, thats the key, but we have already applied a charlie francis based system to you so no need ot worry.

ur not kobe be urself

ya i wasnt gonna change my workout routine, i was just gonna add some running and stuff like he does

2 hours of running? Sounds like bullshit to me.

No deadlifts, olympic lifts or decent leg work?? Sounds like a line of bs

thats quite the beginner bodybuilding program.

Kobe Bryant is a natural athlete. I’m sure his genetics play a larger part in his speed/vertical/strength than his workouts. His dad was a pro also, Joe (?) Bryant. This shows that Kobe has athletic ability in his genes. My guess is that Kobe Bryant could sit around and whack off all day and still have a damned impressive vert to show off.

I’m gonna call bullsh__ on that program. I met Kobe’s weight trainer at one of Charlie’s seminars in Los Angeles in 2002. He had an Olympic weightlifting background from what I understood, and he was very interested in Charlie’s training methods.

Be careful when you see athlete’s training programs published on web sites, discussion forums and magazines like Men’s Health. Chances are, the program is just a random program that someone threw together and put some athlete’s name beside it.

Looks very random, all the isolation movements? I remember reading S&C coach from the Lakers is high on stability work. Not a very good program by many athlete’s standards at all.

Last time I checked, HIT and bodybuilding type training was very common among basketball players. They allways do a lot of shoulder exercises and they haven’t got time for Olympic Lifts(some of them) becuase they are allready moving fast on the basketball court. A lot of times, coaches are mainly wanting them to add muscle rather than do Oly lifts and jumps becuase basketball is also a physical game, bump and grind, hold your own in the post up/ rebounding etc…