Kobe Bryant, guilty or innocent

Not all women are gold diggers and sluts…but remember flies are drawn to sh_t…so stay out of sh_t
As men we have got to be smarter and learn how to protect ourselves. The law is NOT on your side in Rape cases. How is it the alleged victim remains hidden and unspoken, while u r roasted trialed and convicted inthe publics eyes, just because u are popular…No innocent until proven guilty here. No body really cares about the facts except u.
Everybody else is waiting to see if u can"buy your way to freedom" or see if we can convict another one of the “spoiled overpaid athletes”
if a woman says No , dont’ and Stop enough to convict u of rape…maybe she ment “No dont stop”
Sex has lately gotten kind of weird lately …but we justify it by calling it fetishes.
I think by saying “RAPE” is a sure fire way to get ur point across…anything after that point is Pure rape…no consentual sex.

We have to think further than the end of our d_ck.

Next time you are tempted, go home and watch fatal attraction instead!

after she gave it up to kobe the next day she wwent to the hospital, and they found sperm on her panties, Not kobies, but someone elses and also strands of hair that didnt belong to her or kobe. in other words after she got “raped” :confused: She then went and had sex with someone else. I guess getting raped didnt traumatize her too much. What a hor.

I think Kobe will get off. I am not sure if he is guilty or innocent but she has already done a lot to hurt her credibility. The defence will rip her to pieces.


After hearing about the new physical evidence i’m convinced that she’s just another golddigging ho.

… … no matter how good looking a chick is somebody somewhere has to put up with her sh*t.

Oh yeh what is the story about the 911 call from the Bryant house the night he got back?

Don’t you think you’ve made a pretty severe and unfair generalization of “good looking chicks”? I’m married to one and I’m glad she puts up with me! You’re not helping the male cause here!

OK - Sorry Charlie,

I also have a long suffering partner too, and I was just attempting to debunk the inference or myth (albeit in a very crude manner) that just because a girl looks good the husband can’t cheat on her!!!

On that point - all credit to Mrs. Byrant for standing by her man - I guess only they know.

Guilty of adultery

Innocent Of Rape…Guilty Of 2nd place for Lakers

I second this notion