Know any good site(s) I can upload videos on?

While my net was down I had tons of spare time so I took an hour and went to my track video collection, started thinking of some themes, imported them into the video editing software, did some tireless editing and created two track video mixes with some music added. Trust me its very frustrating to have to sort out an effective order that properly blends in with the music and is the same length as the music etc

One with Mo and Ato showing their greatest moments and how they are always there for each other etc. with the song “Kryptonite(Superman)” by Three Doors Down playing to it.

And the other with Some of Ato’s greatest career highlights (from the Pac 10 days to the 2004 olympic trials) I call it “Golden Bolden”. The song “The lights were golden(hello world)” by Karen O playing to it.

Both videos are as long as the songs.
The one with Mo and Ato-3mins54seconds (56mb)

The one with Ato only-1 minute (13mb)

So if any of yall know any good website that I can upload these videos so yall can see them and tell me your impression of them.

The Admin at, TL, agreed to upload them on the videos section of that site :smiley:

Here is the link, its in the Music Videos section, called the “Ato Montage” (a.k.a “Golden Boldon”)

Ato Montage

Much thanks to TL and

I like the Ato, much better than the usual – of the most in your face stuff blasting. That works too sometimes, but nice to see a different approach.

Is the other one there too? If not, you could put it on mysharebox or putfile (don’t know what the time limit is & too tired to look right now).

Thanxs man, thats wat I was going for in that vid, a “different” approach than most. Yea there is another one, louder with a faster tempo for those into that approach. Its an Ato and Mo collage, the admin just uploaded it, here is the link (Its big though. That was the first one i did so I got carried away):

The next one will most likely be balanced, since the two ive done so far are almost complete opposites.

I thought I posted a free video upload site, did anyone ever try it?


I tried it but the process came up failed after a while when I tried to upload. Ill try again though.