Knee-Pes Anserine Bursitis

Pes Anserine Bursitis

I am 90% sure I have figured out the knee injury which plagued me from Feb. of last winter until mid Oct this year. No PT had been able to figure it out. I had this pain in both knees however the left knee was the one which was much worse and took so much time to go away. However the past 2 weeks I have had similar pain (not half as bad) in my other knee. I think I have got it under control I am just hoping it will not become worse. If anyone has dealt with this “condition” or knows someone who has and could offer any advice such as how to make it go away please let me know.

Get a good therapist to treat the mucsles and tendons leading to the attachment - but NOT the injury site itself.
ART or something similar can help - but the key thing is to relieve the tension on the bursa for now and let it heal itself - but it will take time.

I have a massage therapist. What muscles and tendons should be worked on and what should not?
What should not be done regarding the injury site.
Also is there any exercises which could help?

The only time I get any “pain” sprinting really is only when I stop and start to walk. At that point it is dull and a bit achy when I flex my knee. Seems to go away after a few seconds.

Exercises such as GHR’s and back extensions are way out of the question. Besides that for lower body all I really do are Powercleans, RDL’s, and Xband Walks. I wonder if TKE’s would help it all at?

Thanx for the quick response my man.

I am trying to findout excatly why my knee is screawed too. Does it hurt front and back or both depending on the movement?.. I have been told its due to the calf and tightness but i have had everything worked on and still nothing has worked… what have u done?