Klishina no Kournikova


Women’s LJ at Daegu will be a TV highlight reel. One of the reasons for that will be Russia’s 20-year-old beauty Darya Klishina. She’s no Anna Kournikova. This lady is a winner. Check her out.

Nice 10 min. docu

Thanks Martijn. As you say, nice report. Interesting that she is being managed by her coach (at least before IMG got their hooks into her late June). Maybe the reporter means the coach is the personal manager in day to day matters. Hopefully she will remember that they only care about you when you’re hot on the track. That’s her “angle”. There are plenty of other “super” models out there who can pose for pix just as well or better than Darya, lovely as she is. I hope she wins in Daegu or at least gets on the podium to set up a general awareness of the women’s long jump so the public and media have some other events to follow on the road to London.

KK - can you remind me when the women’s long jump is going to start for the WC’s? I can’t afford to miss this one.

One of my favourite competitions that I saw in person was the women’s long jump from the 1993 Indoor World Championships in Toronto. Susan Tiedke was competing. I think she came 3rd, but every time she jumped, she got the biggest cheers from the male dominated crowd.

From what I can figure, the women’s long jump qualifying round is on the afternoon session on August 27 - the first day of competition in Daegu . The final follows the next night, 28 Aug. But I got this off the Wikipaedia post on Daegu world champs because I simply could not find anything on the iaaf home page to lead me to Daegu’s home page and the iaad internal search engine was frozen.

Timetable is a link from here


First day http://www.iaaf.org/wch11/results/eventcode=4147/index.html