Kiwi Boss Quits


Public Statement - Athletics New Zealand

Athletics New Zealand has received the resignation of its Chief Executive, Jeremy F Kennerley, who has advised that, after two years leading the sport, he wishes to leave his present position in order to pursue other career opportunities.

Jeremy joined the Association at a difficult time and oversaw a restructuring of the head office and the resolution of a number of longstanding disputes with various parties.

Jeremy developed comprehensive strategic and business plans for the Association and the sport at levels not seen in the past. The securing of the Lion Foundation as the major sponsor of the Rotorua Marathon was a significant achievement and a number of other significant sponsorship and
funding relationships have been established. He also led the development
of the High Performance Department and the significant increase in high performance funding.

Athletics New Zealand thanks Jeremy for his contribution to the development of the Association and the sport of athletics in New Zealand and wishes him every success with his career.

Stephen Underwood


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ANZ is not a happy camp right now. :frowning:

A couple of months ago they had funding reduced which led to at least one staff memebr losing their job. :eek:

I understand there is a lot of friction between the board and the athletics community and the recent AGM got quite heated at times. One of the critical issues is that it has 3 distinct sections (Childrens, Masters and Athletics) that don’t work that well together. Everyone agrees it needs to be fixed and the last I heard no proposal for a solution had even been put forward.

Below is a post from a NZ athletics site re the resignation.

[i]This statement was not surprising to the athletics community.

My sources tell me he received his final warning and opted to resign before being pushed.

He left the nursery association in the same circumstances, and negotiated a hefty payout, however, Athletics New Zealand was not in a position to pay out, and has subsequently tendered his resignation.

Will JFK be missed, I think he introduced some new governance and stability, but his heart was never in Athletics, and yes he did take over a sinking ship, but the ship has now submerged, and it will be up to Underwood and co to winch the ship to safety.

Reports through to the Furtive tell me Underwood is marine trained, so there could be positive times ahead for the sport.

SPARC - Thank you for the offer of statutory management, but we shoudl be ok.