Kim Collins/DB "bobbing" motion

When Kim Collins runs he uses a bobbing motion. Is this his way of generating powerful steps? Or just a wasted motion?

Donovan Bailey did this on occasion. Like during the '97 150m race with MJ. And during the '96 finals.

Thoughts? Charlie or anyone?

i thought this was a minor idiosyncrasy that didnt effect their sprinting performances.
theyve prolly been doing it since they were young but since it didnt effect them, their coaches left it alone

It’s just a mannerism- doesn’t add anything or take it away either. Comes under the heading: “don’t fix what ain’t broke.”

When these bobbing mannerisms are rhythmic and not lateral, they probably have a neutral effect on the performance.

But try to coach it out of the athlete and you risk setting up unwanted tensions all over the place. That’s the inherent danger in trying to fix what “ain’t broke”. The human body is the supreme accommodating, coping mechanism. What I always admired about Charlie’s coaching was he always knew when to “leave well enough lone”.

guys listen to what Charlie says.don’t fic it if it ain’t broken.veryone has little technical faults which seem big to the trained eye but it works great for them.its quite natural for KC to do this but at the moment he is one of the most technical sound sprinters around.

DB i think had a leg lenght difference or a stride length difference and maybe this caused his action.

Thanks for the info Gents!

With so many successful sprinters doing different things, It’s difficult to tell what is beneficial to sprinting and what isn’t.

But like KitKat stated:

[What I always admired about Charlie’s coaching was he always knew when to “leave well enough lone.”]