Kim Collins 10.10

KIn Collins just ran 10.10 with a 2.4 tailwind in the uk.this guy absolutly destroyed the field by 1m-2metres.he looked very very good,silky smooth.Mo i think you met your match!!!

mo met his match? did mo not just run a 9.91 with a less than 2mph tailwind? so collins runs a 10.1 with a 2+ tail wind, sorry i think mo’s biggest challengers hail from the US, Justin Gatlin and Shawn Crawford…

I think the americans must show themselves in Europe first. So far Asafa Powell looks the best.

ok i admitt KC had a +2.4 tailwind but so far his season is very low key with only a handful of races.this guy is looking very good and i think he will be in great form from looking at him racing today.his start,acceleration and relaxation were very good and i’m really excited about the way he is performing. yes mo has run a 9.91 but he will have to peak again in time for athens.KC is improving very steadily watch out for this guy!!

exactly. Kim seems to know when to peak and I guess thats what its all about. Whats the point of having the winning time in your legs but not running it when it counts?

Let the americans adjust form Cali time to Europe time…get ready.

I have just uploaded the clip:

Clemson Let the americans adjust form Cali time to Europe time…get ready

don’t forget that leroy burrell performed his WR run straight off a trans atlantic flight.MG knows the routine of jet lag and at this point of the season he wants to have a flawless entry leading up to the games.confidence leading into them is a huge benefit and KC is looking the part 10.10 with a 2.4 in england yesterday was a good result very cold over there.

Kim Collins took total charge of the race! From the blocks he looked awesome. I think he is a great technical model. Pulling away with every stride. Awesome turn over, relaxed no tension. He glides along the track effortlessly and his recovery phase is one that I’m seeking to execute in the same way…heel nice and tight underneath glutes, swinging through and the knees coming pefectly to parallel.Touch and Go. He exudes confidence! Poetry! What has he improved on since Sydney 2000? I believe he came to the forefront during the 2002 Commonwealth Games here in Manchester. Known as the most Dangerous Man in Sprinting…i’d have to agree! While on the subject of danger…Did you see Asafa in the 200m!!! This cat is one to look out for. I don’t know about you guys but when I see all these great performances it inspires me greatly.

And he doesn’t lift weights…???

I heard this too…not sure how true this is…He may not like lifting weights or doesn’t do it too often. But I do remember Charlie saying that you can get away with not doing weights and replacing with med ball work. Maybe he does that…any ideas?? He’s a bit of a dark horse is Kim Collins…not much info on him…not like other sprinters…

I read an interview with him where he said that he actually hates weights and all kind of lifting work :confused:

I recall him saying that he didn’t “believe in weights” in an interview after he won gold in these last world championships in paris. He said it in a time where he really didn’t need to, as if he really wanted to win just to throw it out of his mouth. He was like I don’t believe in weights and a lot of other things!! Well. Everyone’s got his own way I guess.

I think he does a ton of hill work and plyos and lots of volume in GPP.

He is one of my favorite sprinters.

Mo is a GREAT sprinter too. I cant wait till the Olympics! :cool:

Anyone get hold of or know what Kim Collins training schedual looks like? I imagine it to look like:

9am: Wake up
10am: Back to bed (don’t feel like getting up!)
11am: Breakfast
12am:Head to track
2pm:Think abt training
3pm:Still thinking abt it
4pm:Ok…i’ll do a few likkle strides
5pm: warm up and stretch. Then 3*100m@95%
6pm Chill and watch the sun set
7pm:Log on to and see whats going on.
8pm:Flip coin:Gym or Playstation 2? Boy! Mi have to complete GTA Vice City before Athens!
9pm:Eat food,Chill, go bed and think about mi Olympic Gold.


LOL 10 lanes ?! I never saw a race with 10 lanes… :rolleyes:

Collins is a antitese sprinter, i mean,
he “don´t” do weights but he jump out of blocks better than most sprinters…
he is not big but he can run fast even the last meters…
he doesn´t looks like “waiting for it” while accelerating, but he´s always accels better than others…
he´s far from “good technique and stile” but he beat good guys sometimes…
this list could be more long…
Kim Collins is an Enigma

There is a considerable variance between what he says he does and what others have seen him do in training, such as weights. Be careful what you accept as fact.

I agree Charlie…alot of sprinters (myself included) don’t like telling the full story…One example is a friend of mine (6.63 60m sprinter) told me “i don’t do weights in no gym”.I thought it strange but i believed him…The statement sounded normal.He did plenty of med ball work and plyos… I thought ok…Month later I stumbbled across a set of weights in his shed! Plates,bars,collars,rack etc…What’s his response?

“I told u i didn’t do weights no gym…don’t mean that i don’t do them in the shed”

“Greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

This is like the famous photos of Muhammed Ali (when he was still Cassius Clay - '60 or '61) when he was filmed underwater boxing and sparring.

He told the reporter (I think it might even have been ‘Life’ at the time - because SI refused to photograph him) how he had a secret training approach that he used to improve his speed so he could box so fast.

After alot of bugging by the reporter he ‘gave in’ to the journalist and said he would tell the hack about his secret training programmes. So he allowed him take along a photographer to photograph the secret training session, where he promptly jumped into the pool and started boxing under water.
The hack figured he had the story of the decade and every boxer figured underwater boxing was the new secret weapon!