Kenny George

Any of you guys watching the UNC Ashville/Liberty basketball semifinal game on ESPNU. That Kenny George 7’7 guy is playing. He looks pretty coordinated for his size, I believe hes a junior. Shooting 4-5 from the line and has about 15 pts. 5 dunks without getting off the ground.

They said he usually cant play too many minutes, but I think if he develops a little more he looks like he could play in the NBA.

that dude is huge!!

Yea he makes those dudes look like a middle school team.

Saw him play at my school earlier this year- insane. He made Hansbrough look like a little kid! That said its painful to watch him run the court and I think he’d have serious trouble handling guys like Dwight Howard and Amare Stoudamire who have size and tons of athleticism. I don’t know, maybe he could make it, there have been others like him… Shawn Bradley, etc.


come on man you just name two of the elite big men in the nba, i think he can make even if he give u 15-20min per nite.

Ya, but Hansbrough made HIM look like a little kid when he jammed it in his face!

Hansbrough another nba bust in waiting.

I know they are two of the elite, just pointing out the disparity in athleticism between him and some of the other big (but definitely as big as him!) men in the nba. The biggest issue I see is his ability to run the court because if a team pushes it up court at all they will have a 5 on 4 every time. Not counting him out, just giving my thoughts on him as a player.

Very true!

Yea, he aint going to be the next great NBA star, but I bet he gets some minutes. You got to remember it usually takes longer for these guys to develop. He wont give you 20 pts a night, but he’ll make the league.

Hes also shooting like 70% from the field I think, and they said he was defensive player of the year for the conference.

I think kareem did the samething during the showtime era, he got the rebound threw it to magic they ran the fast break while kareem jog down the court, similar to what shaq is during now. A smart coach would use in 5min segments.